New April Whitness Reading And Questions – Book Report/Review Example

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New April Whiteness Part The article summarizes the ideal picture of the white man. The white man has been pictured as botha sufferer and as somebody with high social strata in the society. The author depicts the nature of a white man as a vulnerable person in the society. The masculinity of the white man has been used to suggest that they are the injured minorities in the society hence deserve extra help. This extra help is mainly aimed at helping the minorities who are the white men to overcome injustice and be treated fairly.

The author continues to argue that the issue of racial discrimination continues to demean the white man in the society. However, the author also brings out another aspect that views the white as a dominant person in the society. In relation to the slavery times, the white man was dominant and occupied the highest position in the social strata. Most privileges was given to the white man through the customary law, violence, and explicit signage. The author argues that due to this dominance, a lot of justice movements came into existence.

Due to the dominance of the white man in the society, their power has been deemed and they seem to be losing their touch in the society. Part 2 I am taken aback by the author’s expression of the white as the minority in the society. History shows us of the white man dominance over the world. Most of the history books show the white man’s main activity of slavery. Most of the blacks were sold to foreign countries and used as tools for slave trade.

The notion of the author’s argument that the white man is the minority even in the current world is completely ironic. I also find it ironic that the white man is facing racial discrimination. The following quote confirms my argument. “ The substitution of an individually suffering white male body for a social class or gender and racial identity under attack betrays a desire to materialize, literalize the wounds to white and male privilege that come from puncturing the aura of universality and unmarkedness historically claimed by whiteness and masculinity”.

Part 3 I would like to relate the authors to the movie misogynistic, which is a violent movie. The movie shows how the whites feel deadened by the white-collar organizational lives (Lehman). The movie shows how the white man is suffering from racial discrimination. The movie tries to show how management of business organizations discriminate the white man based on educational achievement, color, age, and work experience. Black on the other hand is shown as not suffering and is not under any threat like the white man. The white men are showering their blames to the women and the organizational structure for their continued suffering in the society.

Due to this continued dominance of discrimination of the white man, the white man has adapted behaviors that discriminate against other fellow whites. The movie indicates the whites harassing new comers at a work place. Works CitedLehman, P. Masculinity, Bodies, Movies, Culture. New York: Routledge, 2001.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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