Mohanna K, Wal D, Chambers R. Teaching Made Easy: A Manual For Health Professionals. 2nd Ed – Book Report/Review Example

Book Review: Teaching made easy: a Manual for Health Professionals By Mohanna K, Wal D, Chambers R. Overall rating: 4/5 Strengths: Education and teaching on the subject of healthcare is somewhat complex and in the past limited efforts have been made in that direction. If seen from this perspective, this book is certainly a commendable effort. The book takes into account the changes within NHS and European legislation which has impacted health care sector. This book will benefit professionals teaching at all levels including nurses and training development managers working for primary and secondary care. It provides for necessary teaching tools for developing and organizing teaching sessions in the related subject. Students who are working towards becoming health teachers through professional courses will get numerous ideas and advices. References at the end of chapters for the health related stuff are impressive. A good deal practical tips and suggestions are found for every one whether involved with personal, individual or organizational level. Hospital/practice information given in the appendix will certainly come as a required aid to the healthcare teachers.
Weaknesses: The book takes it for granted that experienced healthcare professional make good teachers without any formal training. In fact, this view has its own fallacy. There are not enough resources for those who want to develop effective class room training. There is not enough material for less privileged students who want to harness skills related with teaching. It gives examples related with doctors and nurses but omits other clinical staff. This book helps health care workers gain skills and perform their duties more effectively but it cannot be said with certainty that it will make their work easy.
In short, the book serves the purpose of professional teachers and educators in general.