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Media Review & Book Critique Media Review Citation: “Aging in America: Most Seniors Want to Stay Put” by David Crary for the Associated Press at www. msnbc. msn. com on November 20, 2011. Correlation: According to Harry Moody “hospice care is a scarce service that is rationed one way or another. ” (Page 157)  Main Ideas1) It is a growing trend among senior citizens to live independently for as long as possible in order to maintain control of their own lives. 2) The increasing fear of spending years in a nursing home is leading to the growing trend in “aging in place” which results in people living in their homes or moving to smaller condominiums or apartments.

3) Other trends in senior citizen living include the idea of “village” concept which is a non-profit area where seniors can live in group settings. 4) In order to encourage senior citizens to live in safe communities, AARP has been working with the National Association of Home Builders to either build or renovate the homes of senior citizens to make them more safe and accessible for the challenges that senior citizens face due to mobility and potential physical limitations.

5) It helps in managing high risk populations with coordinated care from home thus promoting maximum health. Strengths: For senior citizens who are unwilling to go into an assisted living center, the positive aspects of this program include getting their homes prepared to maintain a safe environment for senior citizens. The family members save on the money they would have paid at the hospice care centres. Weakness: The thing the article does not describe in detail is the idea of who would pay for this program if it were to be required in a variety of states for senior citizens.

In addition to the question of if seniors would be required to demonstrate that their homes were up to code as far as accommodating for their physical limitations, there is also the question of how seniors, who often have limited financial means would pay for this service. The article does not show if there is a qualified person to take care of the senior citizen. Book CritiqueCitation: Moody, Harry R.

(2010). Aging: Concepts and Controversies, 6th edition. Thousand Oaks, CA: Pine Forge Press. Correlation: According to Harry Moody, “Aging of the U. S population has consequences for everyone and not just the elderly people” (Page 89)Main ideas The organizing principle of the book is divided in three basic concepts, under each concept there are a number of controversies. Basic Concepts I. A Life Course Perspective on Aging (pg 1- 93)Basic Concepts II. Aging, Health Care, and Society pg (3-128)Basic Concepts III. Social and Economic Outlook for an Aging Society (pg 128 -449)Strengths Book is written by a recognized expert in this filed.

The book uses contemporary research and data that is reliable. The author is an important contributor to the social policy that advocates for the rights of the elderly. He writes on succinct overviews of aging literature and controversial issues that the elderly experience. Weakness: There is a less compressive coverage of this filed. The pedagogical design employed in this book is quite complex and need deeper research to grasp. Work citedMoody, Harry R. Aging: concepts and controversies.

New York: Pine Forge Press, 2009 .

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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