Strangers Among Us: How Latino Immigration is Transforming America – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Strangers Among Us: How Latino Immigration is Transforming America" is an exceptional example of an educational article review. Content: The book is a simple publication that narrates stories gathered from the immigrant Hispanic people from different parts of the United States of America. The author evaluates the stories based on the immigrants’ country of origin and their current place of residence. Accuracy/Bias: The author’ s accuracy is determined by the interviewee’ s interpretation and recall. Observation plays a huge role in the development of the book and dictates the social theme of the book.

Biases lean towards the interviewed as there is no frame of reference to set the standard in the study. Setting: Time: The author assesses the migration period in the mid-1900s. Place: The migration analysis is based on two major regions; the migration of the Hispanic from Latin America to the United States of America. He zooms in on the immigrants from Mexico, Cuba and Guatemala and their settlement in the suburbs of Miami, Huston, Las Vegas, and Los angelus among others. Vocabulary: The book is written intent of targeting readers who consider English as a second language.

The book is fairly self-explanatory. Writing: Mechanics/style/organization: The author takes on a passive role and reports the tale of Hispanic immigrants such as ‘ Juan the Maya’ (Suro 10). This approach humanizes the book and distances the author from any distortions in the story. The organization of the book is effective and utilitarian. The book is divided into four segments; migration network contrasts (backs Vs. Hispanic), reactions to Hispanic immigration, immigrants’ profiles and transformations and policies and recommendations, and arranged with respect to cities assessed.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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