Kincaid's Girl – Book Report/Review Example

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20 March “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid Part-I: The Story “Girl” is writtenby Jamaica Kincaid and it expresses a mother’s feeling and how a mother brings up her daughter as a respectable woman in the society. In this Story, the mother explicitly instructs her daughter as what to do and what should not be done in order to become a gentle woman. Jamaica warns her daughter not to become a slut and what are the ways to become a respectable homely woman. She explains to her daughter about the wife-husband relationship: “this is how to love a man; and if this doesnt work there are other ways, and if they dont work dont feel too bad about giving up” (Kincaid p.

41). The Mother tells her daughter that she is to make love only with the husband and she should make the tables ready for lunch. The role of the women begins with taking care of her child. Keeping everything around her need and looking after others. As a mother, she is taking care of her children andguiding them to lead an example life.

As a wife, she is taking care of her husband and giving her love to him. Men can move into an important role of the Father i. e., bytaking care of the family. A woman can do anything and everything; she has the power to do all the things. It is stated in the passage“this is how to make a good medicine for a cold; this is how to make a good medicine to throw away a child before it even becomes a child” (Kincaid p.

36). In this passage, the mother is talking to a child, as to howshe makes a medicine if her child falls sick. As a mother, she can forecast the sickness of the child and can cure it by preparing medicines on her own. Part II: Woman plays a very important role in this society. In this fast moving world, women apart from doing their household work, they are involved in the service to the society, in developing the country. The power of the women is not limited to a level. One of the Quotesby Diane Marie childsays “A woman is the full circle.

Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform” (Kincaid). This is explained by showing the importance of women. A Child is brought up to be a good citizen by seeing the society and surrounding’s. Surrounding starts from home, in a home it is the mother who brings up the child. As it is stated in this story, morality is taught by the mother. Women are the most beautiful creature created by God to serve mankind.

A girl as a mother takes care of everything and also their family. “Though women are weak in body but they are strong in body and mind”. They have the ability to handle multiple things at the same time. The nature and the responsibility of a Girl is typically portrayed in this story especially as a mother as to how a women takes the responsibility in making her daughter a fruitful person to the society. She is also so much concerned about her daughter of not gettinginto any sexual assault.

For this she is again and again, specifically and explicitly warns her daughter. Works CitedKincaid, Jamaica. Girl. 1978. Web. 22 March 2013. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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