Jewish Museum – Book Report/Review Example

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Jewish Museum Museums are places of history where the old and the new alike are archived to remind people of history as well s identify with iconic events, people and other happenings of either the recent or the past. Jewish Museum in Dallas, Texas is such a kind, and it has played a big role in bringing history to the people, especially of the first and WW2 It was established in the year 1967 and named the Museum of Biblical Art (MBA) recently in the year 1999. The MBA is profoundly an art museum located in Dallas, Texas that is dissimilar from any other museum elsewhere in the world.

It encompasses an easy mission that is “To display art with a Biblical theme. ” Given the museums link to the Jewish culture, the exhibitions somehow reflect the religious touch of the events that transpired, and the insinuations of the gospel as to the happenings of the wars. The museum has catered for the reflection needed to provide the ventures needed in reflecting past events that had occurred in the previous era.

With the careful arrangement of the information on display, the researcher is capable of reliving the period that had been predicted in the previous regime. The museum features the careful arrangement of the props to be distinguished by the age reflected on the artefacts found to present the period. Like any other, the Jewish museum has been presented as a leading source of historical information to offer the needed incentive in articulating the history of the famous war and the influence to the society. The Museum is an enriching cultural defining moment, making use art for forbearance and comprehending reflected in the diverse archaeological displays and enhancing art majorly drawn from the righteous land and Israel.

It is not just an ordinary museum giving only historical lessons, but stands for tolerance and forgiveness in the society. This museum stands as a monument for the commemoration of the events in the first and second world wars. This period in history was significant for the Jewish people since they faced some of the most trying times in their history. The Jews in Europe during this period were persecuted.

Germany was a major power in Europe at the time and through the ideologies of their leader Adolf Hitler. Through the various artifacts and displays in the museums, valuable lessons are learned by its visitor on the significance of forgiveness and reconciliation in the society. It is a symbol of hope for the future generations. The Jewish museum depicts the Jewish traditions and other significant events that transpired during the two world wars. It serves as memoirs of the cruelty of the Nazis toward the Jewish populations and the suffering that they had to undergo through during the Nazis rule.

It is also significant as it serves as a remembrance of the culture and lives of the early Jewish that came to the new world. It depicts how the early Jewish who came into the US had to undergo difficult times living in the ghettos and facing several challenges and hardships that were immense. The Dallas Museum serves as remembrance of children was and ignored `and neglected as their parents travelled to upper urban places in search of work to take care of their families (Stone, 123). Work CitedStone, Brian E.

The chosen Folks: Jews on the Frontier of Texas. Austin; University of Texas Press. 2010. Internet resource.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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