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Information Diet According to clay Johnson’s book “The Information Diet”, too much unfiltered media diet consumption is potentially dangerous to the human mind just the same way food junk like burgers is detrimental to the human’s body health. Johnson’s ideology resonates with my ‘being choosy’ slogan as far as information consumption is concerned. Unfiltered information from media sources eventually becomes less beneficial to the society or the intended party in the long run (Johnson, 2011). A proper consumption habit schedule is recommended to monitor and filter the media information intake to avoid information overload that becomes irrelevant to the human mind.

Information overload can cause a change in attitude, self-identity and the mind productivity output amongst other factors. My data analysis gives detailed media diet information for a week as actual recorded. According to my data the proper media information planning is adhered to. This is determined by correct media diet factors such as proper time to consume the information, the right media channel to source the information from and the reason and correct purpose for the consumption of the media information.

Proper or correct timing is an important factor that applies in media diet consumption. My media diet gives a situation of proper timing for instance the checking on local weather and news which were done during the morning hours. Local weather news would be ideal in the mornings for the purpose of the days planning in terms of dressing and drafting to do list or schedule plans. Most of my days planning were linked to the morning check on the weather broadcast on the web as well as the theater timetable for the movies showing.

Clay Johnson advocates for proper timing in consumption of information as an important factor. A more efficient way of getting the weather information or similar information that are timely bound would be to get an application that automatically gives the weather forecast news notification every morning before getting out the house (Johnson, 2011). This timely notification would save time that would be wasted in visiting various weather forecasting sites or channels. My data however reveals an inconsistency in terms of sourcing the weather forecast information from different internet sources.

Consistency is to be considered a fact in the consumption of media information. One trusted authentic site is ideal to source information from because a variable in that results to conflicting information that would otherwise end up bringing in more confusion than correct accurate information. A plus is given to the fact that my media information has been sourced from the appropriate source. A good example is the cheap gas prices research has been sourced from a local site.

A local site is the most ideal platform for one to source information that pertains to the local environs. A theater or cinema movie schedule is sourced from the theater’s site providing real time information about the airing of the movie. Clay gives a slightly different approach when it comes to the difference between television and the internet, the author states that cable television is very inappropriate because of the unnecessary media content that it contains as opposed to web based shows that are particular and saves the consumer from taking too much of unnecessary information (Johnson, 2011).

My checking of varieties of seeds on the gardener’s catalog was very ideal as a correct informational piece. The book “discover your genius” was the correct source to read a story from and induce relaxation as opposed to an e-book that would have distractions like the screen popping advertisements and lead to consumption of unnecessary information that would rather interfere with the intent of the book which is relaxation. Purpose befits the intentions of any media content or information. Purpose ensures a proper media diet because it sieves out any irrelevance that would otherwise be unnecessary to the party consuming the information.

My data captures this very fact of correct information purpose that corresponded with the sources of the information. A good example is county news and weather information purpose is for planning ahead of the days or the week’s weather hence sourcing the same weather information from the James City County website. Relaxation purpose has been properly executed by consuming information in for of a story that favors relaxation. Morning news has the purpose of current affairs enlightenment hence the need to source it from Good Morning America which is a news program on television.

My data embraces purposes from the word go because all the information sought is linked with the correct purpose of the information intent (Johnson, 2011). Clay advises that a single platform should be created to match media information to the purpose like the Sanebox web application that sifts information based on the preference and purpose the information is intended to communicate. Achieving a proper media diet ensures the consumption of proper information and disregarding the unnecessary content.

This is achieved through proper timing, proper media information sources and having the correct purpose for sourcing the information. Filtering media information to ensure relevance is the key factor ensuring consumption of appropriate media information. ReferenceJohnson, C. (2011). The Information Diet: A Case for Conscious Consumption. New York: "OReilly Media, Inc. ".

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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