Identify The Degree To Which You Are A Tool Using Animal And Monitor And Reflect Upon Your Current – Book Report/Review Example

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Facilitator Man as a “tool using animal The evolution of modern technological tools The modern association of technology and day-to-day activities is a precise reminiscence of the critical niche that tool use and tool-making has formed in human life since the evolutionary era. The fundamental difference between human tool use and tool-making from tool use by animals within a deeply social paradigm appears to be very sharp. However, it is plausible that it is only humans that have the capability to create and manipulate artifacts. The invention and implementation of modern technological tools reinforces the argument that tool making remains a criterion that precisely distinguishes humans from other animals, at least from the time of Benjamin Franklin when one author coined the definition that human beings are “tool-making animals. ” The current advancements in technology have grown so tremendously to an extent that modern technology has become a necessity.

The current development and use of modern technological tools attest to the fact that the art of tool-making emerged due to human necessity to create artifacts that aid or ease day to day life. In fact, modern technology is rapidly evolving from a new paper-clip to subtle improvements in hospital machinery.

Technological tools enable people to improve their lives so that they can maintain and preserve their personal energy, and instead place more emphasis on focusing on the most important factors that matter most in their daily life, their professional endeavors. Some people concentrate their energy on designing new innovations to facilitate improvements in transportation, while others focus on improving lives through other facets such as health, education, communication and many more. Thus, technology has become a fundamental tool in everyone’s life as it has rapidly changed what is available for use on a day-to-day basis.

As technological tools become increasingly available in modern societies, so too are technological users, the scope of digitally stored information, and computer programmers. The more one becomes acquainted with technological tools, the more one can take advantage of all its efficiencies by manipulating technology to suit their needs and requirements. This highlights the basic premise that humans devised the art of tool-making as a necessity to achieve their goals and suit their daily lives. On the realm of education, radical changes have emerged in order to adapt to the new technological tools.

The modern classroom has been equipped with all sorts of information, tools, and software necessary to improve learning and teaching process. The fact that people have ceased to perceive the influence of writing on their own thoughts demonstrate that people have interiorized the use of technological writing tools so much to an extent that without enormous effort, humans cannot separate technological tools from themselves, or even recognize its influence and presence (Ong 317).

In the current age of computers, mechanical pencils, disposable pens, and other technological tools, it has become easy to forget that writing was not as simple and convenient as it has now become. Summarily, It is important to note that both modern and classical technology are perfect channels of uncovering or disclosure, but it is only within the realms of modern technology that human beings have been challenged to this uncovering. Despite the immense benefits of hailing technology as an invaluable tool that has become essential to the survival of the human race, its introduction of less jobs, evident health risks, and privacy compromises may as well make the new technological tools the human species early demise. Work CitedOng, Walter.

Writing as a Technology that Restructures Thought: Writing Material. New York: Longman, 2007. 315-337.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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