Identification And Analysis – Book Report/Review Example

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Full s World Literature 17th October Identification and Analysis The book ‘one world of literature’ by Spencer and Shirley Lim concerns itself with learners social relevance in their reading and their increased interests in learning more about literatures of other cultures different from their own. This book brings together writings in poetry, fiction, and drama written by authors who lived in the twentieth century from different parts of the world (Lim and Spencer 20). This paper identifies and analyses some of the works by these authors, by looking at excerpts from their writings.

Excerpt one This portion comes from the book; Civil Peace, a literary work written by Chinua Achebe (Lim and Spencer 129). It is among the collection of short stories from the African continent that were included in this book. This book talks about the difference in economic status that was prevalent between the opulent few in Africa and the poor majority. This difference was great to an extent that it caused some form of slavery, in which the rich were extremely feared by the poor. In addition, this difference created some form of ‘silent war’ in that the people from these two sided could not interact freely. Excerpt two These words come from Wole Soyinka’s book that goes by the title of; three short plays: the Swamp dwellers, the trials of brother Jero, the strong breed (Lim and Spencer 100).

This article is a short story narrative from Africa, and to some extent it talks about issues that have been affecting the people of this continent in a satirical way. Excerpt three These words come from the Marguerite Guzman Bouvard’s book that goes by the title of, Lanscape and exile (Lim and Spencer 100).

The author is an European, and her book brings to light some of the issues that were affecting the people living in Europe in those early years. These early years refer to the times they were fighting to get their place in the world’s map. Excerpt four These words come from Margaret Meek’s book that goes by the title of ‘on being literate’ (Lim and Spencer 359). Excerpt Five These words are taken from a South African short story collection entitled the Haji and other short stories.

This article was written by Ahmed Essop, and can be found in a number of short story literatures. Excerpt six These words come from the book; Mr. Parkers valentine, written by the renowned author in history, Jolley Elizabeth. In conclusion these writings from various twentieth century authors across the world were written to raise concerns about certain issue facing society. Works CitedLim, Shirley, and Norman Spencer. One World of Literature. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin, 1993. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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