Learning Theory and Online Technologies by Linda Harasim – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Learning Theory and Online Technologies by Linda Harasim" is an excellent example of an educational book review. It is important to highlight that this book review delves in the discussion of the key points that are in the chapters 8 and 9 of the Harasim publication of 2012. Her book Learning theory and online technologies are quite educative as it teaches the learners with the modalities on learning electronically away from the classroom (Harasim, 2012).   In chapter 8, the book majorly focuses on the various institutions that have adapted the technological or e-learning method ranging from secondary to the tertiary institutions.

Another area that is envisaged in the chapter is the online learning modalities that are used in the various institutions, history on the origin of e-learning, and the student’ s organizational structure in regards to support.   In chapter 9 of the book, it can be noted that the major bone of contention that can be noted is that there is more focus on the giving of the various communities or example of the groups of persons who are joined not because they are professionals in one field but that they are passionate and have a common knowledge and skill thereby making them have a joint financial project that is profitable. Below are the main takeaways that I came out with from the book; Real case studies online collaborative learning methods that have been adapted by institutions.

In the 8th chapter, Harasim delves in the history, student support set up, program training, and modalities of studies used in The Virtual High School and the University of Phoenix. In the 9th chapter, Harasim gives validity pertaining to electronic communities of engagement based on common skill for an enterprise.

The Global Educators Network and Wikipedia are good examples for the case (Harasim, 2012).   In application, it is quite obvious that this kind of studies can be used by the people who are pursuing their degree programs, masters and Ph. D. while they are at their various places of work. This can help because they would be able to work as they get funds for payment of their fees as well as manage the house budgets effectively thereby increasing their time with the families.

Online learning can be used in the access of education to the persons who are handicapped and physical movement while getting an education is a bother. It is, therefore, a good one for them or even the sick (Harasim, 2012).  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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