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An Old Person’s Guide to ‘No Homo The example i am examining is an old person’s guide to ‘no homo’ byjay smooth on YouTube. The argument that my example ‘no homo’ is doing is that ‘no homo’ is used by males who say or do things they are afraid might be interpreted as gay yet they are not. The argument is that saying the word ‘no homo’ is quite uncomfortable to men as it seem like they are either promoting homophobia or thinking about sexuality at all times.

As a matter of fact jay smooth asserts that if you have never heard the term ‘no homo’ one should not even bother understanding it and just pretend he did not bring it up (An Old Persons Guide to “No Homo”). This is because the slang once started is addictive. 2. This argument is intended for the young people in the showbiz industry. This is evidenced by the originator of the slang ‘no homo’ and its use by other entertainers. Moreover, some entertainers have been known to use this slang in fear of being branded gay and slammed on social media.

Others tend to do gay things but are still closeted and do not intend to come out publicly so they say the slang to stray people away from their sexuality. 3. This argument can be encountered say in a gym when a man exercising admires another man’s biceps and calves. The admirer may just have admired them in a competitive way that is the need to have biceps and calves like the other man’s. This can be misinterpreted by others who might think the admirer is gay and is lusting after the other man so they quickly say ‘no homo’ to keep people from misinterpreting him. 4.

This argumentcan be easily disseminated in various ways. First it can be disseminated through music whereby some entertainers especially rappers decide to include the slang in their song lyrics to either explain their sexuality or to mock someone(An Old Persons Guide to “No Homo”). Secondly, the argument can be disseminated through celebrity interviews more so live interviews where content cannot be edited out. The celebrity has to explain themselves and their sexuality. 5.

The integrating sources of the slang ‘no homo’ is the origin of the slang in east Harlem by the youths during the 1990s. Another source was rapper Cameron who used it in his lyrics prompting big wigs like jay z and Lil Wayne to use the slang. Another source integrated by the slang ‘no homo’ is by straight men who fear retribution and also secretly gay men who are afraid or who are not yet ready of coming out of the closet. 6.

The tone of the slang ‘no homo’ is indifferent and a bit sad. This is because an individual in the situation where he has used the slang and is still embarrassed since whathe said was non-sexual. Still the individual may think people will think that he is trying to cover his real sexuality by using the slang and furthermore, the addictive nature and frequency of use is saddening. The ethos of the slang is that the word ‘no homo’ should be abolished as it is a direct provocation to openly gay people. 7.

This genre allows free expression of oneself and also the ability of speaking one mind and people listening and respecting their points. This is unlike other genres where language is strictly measured and people are judged based on their language expressions. 8. There are a few inherent limitations to this genre. One limitation is that its freeness of expression is not appreciated everywhere and the same cannot be used in some places. Additionally, this genre limits users from being decent and appropriate in situations that call for decency making its users being harshly judged. Work Cited"An Old Persons Guide to "No Homo"" YouTube. YouTube. Web.

19 Nov. 2014..

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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