Generation – Book Report/Review Example

of the Visual Art and Film Studies of the Teacher 5 March Generation As per the article Rock ‘n’ roll Sound Tracks and Production of Nostalgia by David R Shumway, besides the traditional nostalgia features like aspects of plot, the setting of characters and style, music also does play a pivotal role in the creation of nostalgia. However, just because music is used in the nostalgia genre to recreate an aura and ambience from the past, it should not by default lead to the assertion that a specific genre is associated with a specific kind of politics. The act of bracketing a movie genre with any particular type of politics on the bases of the music it features does steal away much from the larger context to which a genre tends to ascribe to.
The article Approaching the Real and the Fake: Living Life in the Fifth World by Kristin G Congdon and Doug Blandy makes the assertion that fifth world enveloped in a pool of illusions and multiple dimensions, the role of an art educator is to perpetually assist learning. It involves a two pronged strategy on the part of art educators. First and foremost it is the duty of art educators to clarify their innate and professed values. Moreover, it will be indeed salubrious if art educators partner with students to clarify, discover and rediscover the point of view professed and materialized by other. It will indeed be immensely bold on the part of any art educator to breach socio-political borders to enhance and facilitate the nature of art.