Friction Essay; Writting About A Short Story – Book Report/Review Example

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A Rose for Emily A rose for Emily is one of the well-known books. The number of characters in the book is very few and this makes understanding of the story even simpler. Many readers think that they really understand what happened to Homer, Emily’s boyfriend. However, very few have the correct information as to what happened to him. It is appropriate to go through the life history of Emily and their relationship with homer to best comprehend what really happened to Homer. Many people contemplate that someone who is holding on to a grudge has killed Homer.

After committing the murder, the individual has framed Emily by leaving a grey piece of hair, similar to that of Emily, by the body. Investigators would later find it and arrest her. Moreover, there is the theory that the murder took place as people had realized how much Homer and Emily love each other. This has thus led to the individual committing the crime out of sheer jealousy. Moreover, there is speculation that an angry ex-lover of either of the two had premeditated the murder and has Homer killed.

All these are theories that do not offer the actual events that have taken place leading to the death of Homer (Faulkner 24). The actual story is that, Emily’s father had been murdered earlier on in her young life. This issue had clearly frustrated her as she went on with her life. After she met Homer, she fell in love with him and did not have a problem dating him. He loved Homer so much that he could not imagine him not being with her. This love blossomed as the years went by.

However, it got to a point that Emily realized that Homer was not the type of man that would hold on to a relationship strongly. This is an issue that had her angry with herself for falling for such a person. As time went by, she realized that she did not want to fall more in love with this character knowing very well that the relationship would not last for long. After planning not to stay with him, it is then that she made a calculated arrangement through which she would see to it that he would not have another relationship. The relationship between these two characters was so strong that she believed that he would hurt her if she left (Faulkner 47).

Emily did not believe in change having lived at a time when the civil war had influenced the people around her negatively. She knows that she cannot have a worthwhile relationship with a person that does not appeal to her way of life. She had the mentality that Homer would leave her just as the way her father had departed from her life.

This thought gave her a lot of stress and that is when she decided to murder him so that he would not get together with anyone else. She took a while before contemplating on a method of killing Homer but when she finally decided, she did not doubt herself. She then went to the pharmacy where she purchased poison called arsenic. This is a very chemically concentrated poison and has the ability to kill someone in a matter of hours.

After putting the poison in his food, Homer died and it is after this that, she took him somewhere hidden to dump his body. She did the dumping of his body in a shoddy manner that a piece of her hair fell. After this is when the police and the other federal officers got to the scene of the crime and did investigations that saw Emily being incarcerated. Many people in the area, just like the readers, did not believe that Emily actually carried out the murder.

This is from the manner in which they believed the two loved each other. It is imperative to comprehend that they believed this in a manner that even with sufficient evidence, they did not believe that she committed the murder. The contemporary environment has many such cases and lovers kill their mates out of so much love that they believe they have the right to do this. In the case, Emily was confident in her actions knowing that her entire family had come from a long lineage of commanders. She however did not realize that the law did not pay attention to that and that if she had committed the crime she deserved a punishment.

Rose by Emily is one of the books that seeks to show the manner in which love can affect relationships and the repercussions of excess love. Work CitedFaulkner, William. A Rose for Emily. Chicago: Chicago University Press, 2007. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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