William Hathway Poem – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "William Hathway Poem" is an excellent example of a literature book review. Hathway has immensely built up the poem which approaches the readers in various ways. The meaning of the poem has sharply been twisted, from happiness to the bitter reality of the world. The first line of the poem expresses an utter joy of the couple by putting up the words like, ‘ my girl and I amble to a country lane’ . Hathway has also included some childish expressions of the couple (by using the words like; moo cows, choo-choo’ s), the inner charm of being a child, the happy, worriless and careless life, as expectedly every one of us has once lived.

As the train passes by, the cheerful wave by the couple to the arm which waves from a black window, indicating that what looks good in front of eyes is actually not good in reality. Initially, the poet puts the readers in a situation which consists of tenderness, romance and denoting. Then the poet tries to make the readers aware of the filthy reality of the world by using the words like ‘ fifty Hell’ s Angels, poised and growling’ .

This is what life really is. Life is unpredictable, one minute we are waving to choo-choo and imagining ourselves as ‘ President’ or ‘ First Lady’ , but in the next minute, we are confronted by the fifty Hell’ s Angels. The poet tried to mirror the fact of young people innocence which is being lost in the harshness of the world. Hathway first creates a profound pleasant environment, and then vanish it up with the surprisingly unpleasant reality.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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