Literary Readings: The Man who would be King by Kipling, Falesa Beach by Stevenson – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper " Literary Readings: The Man who would be King by Kipling, Falesa Beach by Stevenson" is a worthy example of a book report on literature.   The Man who would be King by “ Kipling” Within this short story lies the depiction of two seemingly charming and immensely likable fellows who are ex-British soldiers. During the time period within the short story, the narrator characterizes them as rogues and in many ways, they are for they show no fear or concern for what it takes to make their own mark on the world.

For instance, they are seemingly untroubled by any existential considerations and they are extremely lacking in morals, yet the story finds them to be two very courageous and endeavoring characters, and they do follow a set of social norms but they are more attuned to what principles they see best beset themselves. They have qualities that in today’ s time many in society despise such as self-centeredness’ and lack of concern for others. Yet, they are categorized as two young men who are very determined and set on making their own fortune in the world.

Although they are determined they do not recognize any form of authority and if in fact, they do touch people’ s lives either in a positive way or a negative way they don’ t care too much, or so it would appear. However they are not supposed to be seen as evil men and they do not provoke any real harm onto anyone, or it should be said that they don’ t mean to place harm onto anyone. Nevertheless, their actions lead them spiraling down a road that develops into violence and lost life, which the story kind of hints at all along.

Any character that can be presumed so ignorant that they can not see what their own actions are creating can be sure to have some form of negativity happen to them in a short story or novel, such as this story illustrates. Peachy and Danny do seem to complement each other in the story but Peachy is the one who is the most practical and carries personality traits such as intelligence, and cunning. Danny on the other hand is more spiritual and he provides the strength and thought for the two would-be heroes.

However, together they seemingly represent a whole unit and without one another’ s support, they would be apparently weak and unable to carry on in their endeavors. They carry such faith in themselves that they feel they have the capability of posing their own thought concept and will onto all those that they meet in the story.    

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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