Epistolary Narrative – Book Report/Review Example

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Your full Sep 7, Epistolary narrative Dear Sir, I want to bring into your consideration a very important issue that disturbed the peace of mind of my sister, Sarah, who is an employee in your organization. She is being sexually harassed by one of your managers, Mr. XYZ. I am writing to you without my sister’s permission, because she is too afraid to talk to the authorities herself. Sarah got a job as project scheduler at your company. The project members were all men except her, although there were other females working in the company.

Her project was of four month duration. At the start, she found her project manager, Mr. XYZ to be very helpful and cooperative, like when she once came late at a meeting and was expecting some punishment because the meeting was crucial, but she was surprised that Mr. XYZ just ignored that she was late and, instead, welcomed her with a smile. She told me that she hated his saying that, “oh honey! It’s okay, it happens, you are such a sweetheart, ” and things like that.

Then, there were other incidents which started making her feel uncomfortable because she had no intentions of being specially favored by her supervisor because she was female. What upset her most was that her team mates started gossiping about it. She found herself so helpless at that point that she felt frustrated. She felt as if giving clarifications to everybody would give air to the issue. One day, as she was leaving the workplace for home and was walking because her house was just on a walking distance from the company, she heard a car slowing down beside her.

She saw Mr. XYZ lowering down the window glass and offering her lift to her house. She heard him calling her “babe”. She said “no, thanks” but he insisted so much so that she had to nearly shout to leave her alone which he did with a cross look. She would have accepted his offer if she trusted him, but because she did not want to create more stories, she refused. Next day, she found a pile of folders to be edited on her desk which her assistant told that Mr.

XYZ had sent to be written from scratch. She had worked so hard on the files which he wanted her to go over again. That was actually an implicit way of his telling her that she would have to go through similar tough situations if she did not respond to his sexual advances. Sarah had also refused his offer for lunch twice. After that incident, she felt a sudden change in his behavior toward her. He started ignoring her and giving her tougher tasks that other coworkers.

She also saw negative comments on her performance sheet at the end of the month. Sir, I do not think that your company should let such behavior happen at the workplace. If this continues, Sarah will leave the job. And this is not about Sarah; instead, this is about every female employee, and about every female of the society. I request that you take necessary action to eliminate such discrimination from the workplace, and penalize the culprit as soon as possible. Yours sincerely, ABC.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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