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a) What is an implied claim on the of individual knowledge and power? The works of Emily Dickson, Sherman Alexie and Nathaniel Hawthorne tend to have the same concepts on individual knowledge and power. According to the information displayed in these works, knowledge is within the reach of every individual regardless of age, ethnicity or race. Again, Individual power is necessary in knowledge acquiring process. Individual power refers to the level of effort and sacrifice put forward by the person willing to acquire knowledge on a subject matter.

Actually, one must develop interest and overcome all the challenges associated with the knowledge acquiring process before understanding and mastering the needed concept. Emily Dickson in her poem believes that humans have the potential or the power to achieve all that they desire but only with determination or perseverance. This is a claim that she has given indirectly in her poem citing and describing the power in the human world. Sherman Alexi, who is the writer of ‘Superman and me’, tend to display how an Indian boy learnt how to read and understand various novels at a time when her age-mates were struggling to understand concepts in simplified story books.

Sherman claims that knowledge is depends on the level of determination and interest put forth by an individual. According to the information given in ‘The Birth-Mark’, a story by Nathaniel Hawthorne, One may have the knowledge and curiosity to study certain occurrences in life but may lack the power to change their course. b) What evidence is offered in support of the claim? Emily Dickson in her poem claims that knowledge is all about determination and interest and this can be seen in one of her stanza where she mentioned the brain.

In one of her stanzas, she claims that the brain is wider than the universe and deeper than the sea. This is enough proof that knowledge has no limit and many concepts can be absorbed into the brain without exhaustion. Actually, she talks about the good and infinity of knowledge and claims that some things are not achievable because they are not within one’s power.

Nathaniel Hawthorne shared the claim that knowledge and power are two different entities though can at times go together (Hawthorne 71). This is proven when Aylmer, a scientist of the 18th century, wanted to remove the birthmark from Georgiana’s face with a mentality that she would look more pretty and beautiful without the birthmark. This experience led to the death of Georgiana though the birthmark suddenly disappeared at her death. In the story by Sherman, ‘Superman and me’, the persona only acquired knowledge and never had the ambition of changing the course of a natural occurrence.

All these are enough proves that support the three author’s claims on Individual knowledge and power. c) What rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos pathos) move the reader toward acceptance of the claim? The three authors maintained relevance to their themes throughout their writing works hence luring the reader’s attention and trust. Relevance to the story theme is the pillar of every writing work as this is what attracts readers based on the transition of ideas from one stage to the other based on the story occurrences.

The authors cited used ideal examples in explaining their concepts hence making it real in the face and minds of readers. Some of the claims given are attached to the common world occurrences and gives a true picture of their suggestions and claims in relation to individual knowledge and power. By examples on the three pieces of work, the authors have shown that their concepts are not vague but relevant to the common life occurrences. Readers need examples to authenticate the claims given by every author hence suggestions posted without perfect examples at times are considered vague. d) Upon reflection, how might you defend, refute, and or qualify each claim? As per my perception, the claims given by the three authors are ideal owing to the explanation given in the three pieces of work.

They have tried to convince the readers citing real life occurrences and making sure that the claims are possible in a real life situation. For instance, the story of the birthmark and an attempt of its removal seem like a true story.

In the normal life setting, people tend to have different views on birthmarks hence some may think of removing them to enhance extreme beauty. Again, The issue of a young boy reading every publication or written piece of work is a possibility because people have varied determination and interest in reading books. Work CitedHawthorne, Nathaniel. The Birthmark. Logan, Iowa: Perfection Learning, 1983. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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