Effective Or Uneffective by Virginia Woolf – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Effective Or Uneffective by Virginia Woolf" is a great example of a literature book review. Virginia Woolf attempts to present an exemplary literary piece but fails because of several reasons. This piece is ineffective in all literary aspects because it lacks the most significant items. Initially, the title that Virginia Woolf gives her article is not captivating. This proves the ineffectiveness of the article (Woolf 5). The major subject of the article is a fishing trip that sets the stage for the occurrences in the article. She fails to include a perfect diction that would make the trip appear significant to the reader.

She also fails to include significant people in her childhood who would make her article captivating. Her mention of Thobby is not significant because she does not reveal how she is connected with Thobby. The reader spends time analyzing the occurrences and fails to enjoy the article making it ineffective (Woolf 60). There are effective styles to present memories to readers. Virginia Woolf does not use these styles because her childhood recalls are not memorable. For example, she mentions what people said during that time.

This piece would be more effective with detailed explanations of the past (Woolf 71). It is not clear whether Virginia Woolf understands her audience because she fails to attempt to reach them. This is because she chooses to share a memory that is not entirely understandable. Currently, Virginia Woolf is an adult but her revelations make the audience feel she did not enjoy the fishing trips in her childhood. She has a passionate tone in her narration but fails to make the reader imagine how the fishing trips were.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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