Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell" is a wonderful example of a book review on culture. The chapter ‘ Rice Paddies and Math Tests’ ed by Malcolm Gladwell in his book ‘ Outliers’ published in the year of 2008 provides a succinct yet perfect description of the cultures and traditions prevalent in the Eastern parts of the world especially that in the country of China. In order to have a detailed understanding of the education curriculum, it is indeed necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the ethos and of the lifestyle. In the first few pages, the book reveals that rice is the staple food for the people in the country of China as paddy is the most important crop.

It was the paddy or rice with which other necessities of life were exchanged. Also, it is said that the people of China, Japan and other countries of East have a better understanding of mathematics compared to western counterparts and therefore, have better IQ. The important difference among the European farmers with that of Chinese counterparts is that the Chinese counterparts did not take a break for three months in winter as they involved in other part-time occupations.

Also, Chinese farmers were autonomous, unlike the enslaved European farmers. The chapter also comprises of the important happenings as photographed and described by Schoenfeld, the teacher of Berkley. He describes the case of Renee who finds out of her own that anything divided by zero is undefined. An important observation made by the professor says that any student of eighth grade would wait for maximum for five minutes (with an average of two minutes) before deciding that if the numerical is too complex for him or her.

The education graduates should remember the fact. Erling Boe, an educational researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, suggested that even without asking a single math question at Olympiad to an international participant, it can be said which country would win the trophy. According to Boe, it can be done through an understanding of the national culture that promotes hard work. Boe further concludes that it has been observed that the countries with wet – rice agriculture predominantly top the list that includes China, Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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