Earth Hour a Dessent – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Earth Hour a Dessent" is a worthy example of a business book review. “ I believe Ross Mckitrick makes a good point about earth hour despite his often harsh bipartisan views. Electricity is the cornerstone of today’ s economy. Earth hour is demonizing mass production of cheap electricity in the name of minimizing carbon emissions. Cheap electricity is basically one of the marvels of the modern age. Turning off lights for an hour globally has a minimal impact on the total energy consumption. This is because a lot of electricity is primarily used for cooking, transportation, and heating.

Additionally, advocating for the replacement of bulbs with energy saving ones is a far better idea of saving more energy than just switching them off for an hour. Moreover, switching lights off for an hour may pose a safety hazard to people in apartment buildings and hotels. Fire code laws make it mandatory for 24 hour businesses to be well lit day and night in some states. As Ross Mckitrick argues, the dramatic earth hour of switching off lights is a lost cause since there are laws which require street lamps to shine all night.

In conclusion, the earth hour idea looks very environmentally friendly from the face. However, it has little or no impact on environmental conservation. It is an idea promoted to make individuals feel good that they are doing something to save the planet. ” “ I too second his support for Ross Mckitrick’ s standpoint on earth hour. Switching off lights for an hour is not the best idea in conserving energy. This kind of environmentalism tends to focus on overly dramatic things like the use of hybrid cars, daylight savings, and recycling while ignoring the basic and necessary ways to save the environment.

For example life cycle assessment. Even hybrid vehicles are inefficient when compared to public transportation. Public transportation is beneficial since it enjoys economies of scale. Therefore, earth hour is synonymous with the term greenwashing (Huber, 2008). This is when people or companies try to advance environmentalism policies, which mostly have no positive impact on the environment, such as earth hour. ”

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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