Disliking Books – Book Report/Review Example

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Time Villarreal Example of Gerald Graff’s “Disliking Books” Reading Log pgs. 22-23 Summarize/Retell Para The atmosphere that was provided for the students in the school could not allow them to like books because in case a person should an interest in books they were labeled sissies. Para 2: Reading for both girls and boys was seen as being and to avoid being labelled the students preferred not to take interest in books. Para 3: It is said that knowledge is power and the only place that knowledge can be acquired is in school and reading books; thus, seeing how different writers have different perspectives on various issues in the world. Para 4: Learning to read is a passion that a person must possess and it cannot be forced onto someone.

This is because some people need a drive or a push to make them realize their potential. Para 5: The difference between middle class and people who owned businesses was that their children were groomed to take up those business. The author’s family did not have a business and he opted to take liberal arts. Para 6: Fear of failure is scarily not only in school but also in life.

For that reason that fear becomes something that drives people to achieve their potential to the fullest. Para 7: Today students have an easy time understanding the literature that has been written because they have cliff notes to help them through the reading process. However, in some other time the reader had to re-reader a book to have a clear understanding of the message being sent across. Para 8: Various things can attribute to students having an interest in books.

For example, debates and class discussion give the students exposure and different insights on the message the reader is giving. Para 9: Criticism given on different books makes the read want to learn more and see whether they share the same point of view with the critic. Para 10: Cheating is not allowed because it unfair to students who are true to their work, but it is something that is done even by writers because they do not how to end their books.

Para 11: A personal engagement with the author makes the reading interesting because it gives the reader some insights on what the reader was thinking about when he or she wrote the book. Para 12: Books, Journals and Novels among other reading materials are written out of real life experience and sharing those experiences with the writer gives the reader a different aspect of life. The Standard StoryPara 13: It is clear that whatever a person hates may read them to their destiny. Para 14: Corruption of the primary experience of things in life can make a person change their way of thinking. Para 15: Change is imminent in every person life because it can lead to good and better things.

Para 16: The ability to read comes or depends on an individual’s ability to talk appropriately about what they have read. Para 17: Challenges are good because they help people improve in their weak areas of study. Reflect/Express Personal Reaction (provide a specific example of how you personally relate to some aspect of the content of the piece and why): Reading is not something that is preferred by many this is because one has to concentrate and let the fun things go by; however, fear of failure forces us to read and understand the content, especially in cases where the material is required in school.

Personally, I find reading books an interesting thing because it keeps me busy from idling and I want to understand how authors of different times had to say about different issues. Analyze/Break Apart (identify at least one thing that you noticed that the author does and possible explanation for why he/she does it): The author in his writing only focuses on his time where people disliked books he does not evaluate whether people or students dislike books in the 21st century.

This is because people have had different attitudes towards books and the same opinion that was held during the period of the author has changed as people have also evolved. Evaluate/Critique (include both a positive and a negative or a “could have been better” response: The author provides an insight as to why people dislike reading books, which the reader can relate to in this reading.

This is interesting books because the reader can understand the viewpoint of the author, which is a good thing. However, the author focus is on disliking books in case the author added solutions to help the reader towards a positive attitude it could have been better. This is because every reader relates with the situation of the author. Work citedGraff, Gelrad. "Disliking Books At an Early Age. " From Inquiry to Academic Writing: A Text and Reader.

2nd ed. Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martins, 2012. 22-26. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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