Trust Us Were Experts by Sheldon Rampton – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Trust Us We’ re Experts by Sheldon Rampton" is a worthy example of a business book review. Economics, commerce, open market and advertising are some of the terms which are not merely management jargons but these words are really ruling the world. Economics percolates through every stratum of society. ‘ Trust Us, We’ re Experts’ by Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber offers a scintillating exposure of industry manipulation of numerous scientific ventures. The book unfolds the fact that experts and scientists upon whom we count before using a product are not always indifferent though they are always launched by the companies as “ neutral third parties” .

When most of the inventions are carefully crafted to meet the requirement of the sponsor then it becomes really important for the general mass to think time and again before determining the genuinely and credentiality of any invention. No invention should have a biased perspective. It is nothing but a mere trap to deceive public and the doctors and scientists become mere brand ambassadors endorsing those brands on air, television, hoardings, and posters becoming the strong sales pitch for those products. The Global Climate Information Project (GCIP) sponsored by US’ one of the most powerful trade association was carefully crafted to sabotage the Kyoto Treaty.

It claimed that the Kyoto treaty would raise petrol prices by almost 50%. Non – profit organization give away their stamps of approval on products. Bristol-Myers Squibb paid the amount of $ 600,000 to American Heart Association only to provide them the right to use their name and logo for their cholesterol-lowering medicine Pravachol. The same was done by Smith Kline Beecham. They paid an amount of $ 1 million to the American Cancer Society to use their logo in ads for Beecham’ s Nicoderm CQ and Nicorette anti-smoking advertises.

Even the studies of a prestigious university are no more neutral and as scientists often tell a flat lie just to endorse the product they have created and satisfy their sponsors. Under these circumstances, it’ s very hard to identify the validity of an invention. It’ s hard to say that whether an invention ion is truly serving the purpose of mankind or a nation or it is just a make-belief story very neatly weaved to serve the purpose of its sponsors.

However, this type of theories cannot be implemented on every scientific invention. It is essential to build up a mass awareness and extra sensitivity to gaze the real story behind the cooked-up world of the dream-merchants, titans of the economic world and diplomacies of the nation who often build up a cause and invention for their own benefit. It’ s important to be safe healthy and unbiased.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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