Discussion Board For Invention Of Morel – Book Report/Review Example

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Invention of Morel: Discussion questions How come the narrator views the characters as enemies? The narrator in in thiscase is created as a fugitive. He spends time alone in the island until the day he notices other visitors. In his mind, the island is his personal home and other visitors are intruders in his home. For this reason, the narrator feels like he is not safe in the presence of the tourists. In additional, his perception of Morel is dented by the fact that he loves the woman of his dreams.

From the character of Morel, the fugitive makes it an assumption that all the other visitors possess the same qualities. In the mind of the fugitive, the tourists have an agenda against his existence in the island, "I left the balcony feeling terrified, for I knew my enemies where everywhere" (Casares 46). Do the tourists know that there is a fugitive in the island? Is the lack of trust qualities displayed by the narrator based on the fact that he is a fugitive? Why is it important that the narrator is a fugitive? The narrator as a fugitive is based on the objective of the author to create the plot.

As the narrator, the fugitive is allowed to give first hand experience of the vents in the novel and also be a character. As the fugitive the author is able to limit the interaction between him and other characters. A fugitive has limited contact between people to hide their social status. From this point, the author is able to create a character similar to an observer in the plot.

The plot would not have been complete if the narrator was part of the visitors since the reader would not have understood the creation of double visions. Would the plot of the novel serve any significance if the narrator was art of the tourists? If the narrator was given another character rather than a fugitive would it be more logic and convincing to the reader? What significance does Faustine play in the whole story and why does the narrator have such an ardent fascination about her?

Is it to create a tension between him and Morel? Faustine is a creation of the author to create a character as a source of aggression between the main characters. She generates the enmity between the narrator and Morel. Both characters found her fascinating. However, Morel saw her first and had the right to be with her. The author makes the narrator interested her to create a plot aggression between them. The main objective of creating Faustine, the author wanted the narrator be interested in the visitors to a point that he would carry out an investigation and provide the reader with information.

This is evident as the narrator watches the tourists from a distance, "Secondly, there is harm that they will notice me spying on them" (Casares 12). Minus Faustine, would the narrator be interested in the visitors? Does Faustine know of the existence of the fugitive? Work citedCasares, Adolfo. The Invention of Morel. Buenos Aries: Editorial Losada. 1940. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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