Your Mind Matters by John Stott – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Your Mind Matters by John Stott" is an excellent example of a book review on religion and theology. The author's thesis is that today's Christians must exert more effort to know the religion and not just be zealous about their faith but clueless about it. Most people practice their religion more on blind faith than rely on logic and reasoning; this is why the mind of the believer is very important because it leads to a deepening of the understanding of faith as well as encourage other people to convert to one's religion if they can be convinced of what Jesus Christ did previously.

Mindless belief is the equivalent of fanaticism and that can be downright dangerous. It is important people know what they believe in, practice it and secures in their knowledge in what they are doing is right. Religion is not based on faith alone and people must eschew the popular philosophical trend of anti-intellectualism (Stott 14). Today's religious activists often pursue the actions they think is right but this may not always be the best course of action for them.

In other words, pragmatism must go hand in hand with correct religious knowledge if religion is to ever become meaningful for them and this is especially true when it comes to evangelism. Many people wrongly believe that religion is anti-intellectual (Stott 15) and hence they exert more efforts in practicing their faith than knowing their faith more, and more deeply. Many Christians have placed ritual as more important than knowledge, dogma over that of reason such that often, they lose sight of what religion is all about. Ignorance cannot be tolerated in religion, as that can lead to wrong actions based on the wrong premise; good intentions are not enough. Using intelligence to deepen one's knowledge of his religion is not contradictory, in the same way, that science and religion can co-exist; theism requires faith and an intellectual mind.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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