Describe A Creative Work That Has Had An Influence On You And Explain That Influence – Book Report/Review Example

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Creativity calls for creation of value to an existing process or phenomenon to bring out the same product with improved features or new perspective of looking at a phenomenon. This creation of new ideas includes diversification of approaches, definition and multi-disciplinary application of techniques in literary works, paintings, inventions and musical compositions. Creativity is brought out in the process aspects shown in the cognitive approaches to demonstrate mechanisms and techniques of creative thinking in an attempt to visualize and conceptualize the new value of a product. This is accompanied by personal intellectual habits, levels of ideation, autonomy and expertise in a bid sustain circumstantial flexibility of nonconforming attitudes and behaviors in the environmental aspects (Budzik & Basher, 12). In the novel White Fang by Jack London, various aspects of creativity are brought out first in the thematic demonstration of an allegory of humanity’s progression from nature to civilization by the implication of metamorphosis of society and living things.

This is drawn from the biological and evolution point of views and incorporating the process aspect into diverse adaptability to environment by living things credits creativity approach in the novel.

The artistic naming of the characters and their roles symbolizes the cognitive approaches demonstrating creative thinking. For instance, White Fang, as the main character with three quarters a wolf and a quarter of a dog; who later becomes a dog after domestication and the “pet” responsibilities he assumes, shows the circumstantial flexibility to adapt to conflicting behaviors and attitudes due to change of environment. In the novel, the transitive growth and development aspects of the characters; followed by adaptive mechanisms to protection and predation, conceptualizes the societal conformity demand which undermine individualism.

This is an artistic and creative visualization in support of survival aspect experienced in the modern world but in this case put in literal work with a societal implication ideology. This is brought out in the thematic implication borrowed from ideologies of Karl Max and Herbert Spencer on the interactions of living things and their environment in that the metamorphosis of both individual and society requires or necessitates violence at some point. His level of ideation, expertise and autonomy is brought out in the roles-matching of the characters with the environmental risks/roles and the sarcastic naming process.

For example, “lip-lip” the brutality bully while “Beauty Smith” is brought out as an ugly Fang’s second master with “ugly traits” of influencing alcohol addiction to members of the society. Personally, Jack London’s creativity and the incorporation of artistic phenomenon into the modern world applications, influences my conceptualization of the adversaries in the coexistence of individuals in the society. The manipulation of different characters to fit the prose of the novel influences my literal application of cognitive science in environmental and philosophical approach to explain societal phenomenon.

His creative approach on the aspects of product, process and personification influences my artistic development especially in the flexibility of choosing a phenomenon or topic; the channels of justification, and the scope of analysis in the literal, expository and definition narratives. Works CitedBudzik, Mary and Basher, Simon. Creative Writing. , 2013. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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