Courtroom302: Justice and Court Proceedings – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Courtroom302: Justice and Court Proceedings" is an outstanding example of a law book review. Courtroom302 is indeed one of the best books dealing with issues of justice and court proceedings. The entire book has been a learning experience. Particularly, a lot has been learned from chapter 7 to 13. This is a brief reflection of what has been learned from these chapters. The chapters were very expository on matters concerning attorneys, public defenders, and defendants. It is evident that the justice system is specifically tailored for the rich in the society.

The poor and indigent in the society have no power or influence over court proceedings. Poor people are so pained by the amount and quality of assistance they are accorded by the public defenders (PD). It does not come by surprise that they even call them “ penitentiary dispensers. ” The criminal justice system is negatively skewed in providing a lasting solution to social problems. I have learned that the justice system offers a temporary solution that focusses on the immediate problem. For example, chapter 12 talks about Bates being unable to give up drug life since the probations accorded to him are not accompanied by a job.

The justice system should instead address the specific problem that leads to crime. Most importantly, I have learned that the effectiveness of any criminal justice system primarily depends on the understanding of defendants rather than offering justice to the affected. The justice systems are so multivariate that sometimes it becomes difficult to address all the facts and issues presented in a case. Race, gender, age, marital status, and a combination of social problems are some of the problems causing the complexity in expanding justice to the society.

The problems run deeper than they appear during court proceedings. I have therefore learned that wide approach to various problems in the criminal justice system is necessary to offer a long-lasting solution.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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