COMPARE AND CONTRAST ESSAY OF Godfather Death And Rappaccini's Daughter – Book Report/Review Example

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Task Godfather Death" and Rappaccinis Daughter: A comparison essay Introduction Part one There is an element of similarity as regards to nature in Godfather Death" and Rappaccinis Daughter. This is in terms of the characters involved going against the wrong things that are enforced on them. The two works have incorporated nature elements when looking at the main characters that have been used. In ‘Godfather Death’ the son has to be given a godfather, and the choice has to be Death, God or the Devil. The father of the child looks at the three choices and settles for Death.

According to him, Death was the best choice because it did not discriminate on any person. Similarly, in ‘Rappaccinis Daughter’, there Giovanni is fascinated about nature’s flowers and them that he gets wing of Beatrice “Rappaccinis Daughter”. Therefore, the two works above shows or portrays the elements that are found within nature and how they would be handled. “Godfather Death" makes death as its evidence while whereas “Rappaccinis Daughter” makes use of the beautiful flowers. The two evidences used are a representative of nature (Smith).

This article gives an account of two men who are determined to change the wrong things that are within their society. They feel that some people are being mistreated and that this needs change. This is shown by their actions that serve to facilitate administration of fairness and elimination of mistreatments. Part twoThe selected works look at a natural aspect that is found within the two settings. In finding a godfather for his son, the father has three choices form which he must come up with one.

This is in relation to the knowledge of father on the three aspects that are found within nature. Similarly, in “Rappaccinis Daughter” the flowers and the garden represent nature and the flowers that are found with it. Therefore, this is a reflection of nature and the views of two men about nature aspects. Giovanni marvels at the garden and all its vegetation and as he goes on further into the garden, he notices that doctor Rappaccini is focusing on some flowers. He finds out that Beatrice is watching over the flowers, and he decides to change this aspect.

According to him, Beatrice had been blessed with beauty and needed to be treated with care (Smith). Giovanni compared Beatrice with a flower that needed care in regard to treatment. For instance, she needed glove and a mask when being handled. Contrary, to this, her father made her watch over the flowers that he adored so much within the garden. He goes to her and leads her to the house. On the other hand, the father of the son had three aspects that qualified to be candidates for the position of a godfather for the son.

The father goes on to look at all the three aspects in details by looking at their negative sides. On the aspect of God, the father says that God cannot be chosen as a Godfather because he brought poverty to the world. God created poverty for the world, and as a result, many people are suffering. The other aspect that was looked at was the acts of the devil on earth. Likewise, the devil did not qualify because of the evil things and actions that were associated with him.

Finally, the father settles for death because it did not discriminate people in its actions. Death would befall the poor and even the rich without considering their status in the society. The son follows all that death required him to do until when he felt that something was not going right, and because of that, he decided to go against those requirements of Godfather Death. This is in relation to the sickness that he saw within people.

According to him, this was unacceptable, and that is the reason that made him disobey orders given out by death. The paragraphs above gives an account of two men who go against forces of nature because they feel that their actions are unfair to people. In the case of Beatrice, Rappaccinis Daughter, it was not right to keep her outside to watch over flowers as her father made her do in the garden. This is the reason behind Giovanni go up to her and lead her to the house. This was going against her father’s wish, and it was meant to benefit her.

She was beautiful and needed care. Her staying out and watching over flowers would be compared to being punished for having done nothing at all. Likewise, the son with Death as the Godfather continues to obey death’s instructions until he found out that some people were suffering from diseases that would eventually cause death. This makes him disobey orders of death and follow the right thing. This would be termed as his fall out with death, and it may be compared to doing the right thing instead of the wrong thing. However, the two works and the characters are motivated by different factors in their actions.

Giovanni is motivated by his love for Beatrice, whereas son is motivated by the fact that people are suffering. The two works portray efforts of two men characters that make efforts to make an end to unfair practices and orders that burden people within the society. The two young men are driven by compassion and the feelings of fairness, and this facilitates their actions that go against nature’s requirements. Works CitedSmith, Nicole.

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