People's History of US: 1492 - Present – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "People's History of US: 1492 - Present" is a great example of a history book review. Congressman Grijalva arguments and Howard Zinn writings agree and differ in the following ways. First of all, they are in consensus with regard to matters of immigration in the United States. Grijalva advocate for the rights of the immigrants in the United States. The congressman laments lack of legal status for the immigrants in the US, which he attributes to lack of reforms in the country. He says that the government has to create employment opportunities for the immigrants.

Zinn writes on the poor living standards of the immigrants. By October of that year, 200,000 were unemployed and thousands of recent immigrants crowded in the eastern ports (Zinn 210) Zinn (242) blames the poor for their situation noting that it was brought about by their own shortcomings. He notes that this is a punishment from God. Grijalva attributes the bad living conditions of the poor in the United States to the government. This, he says, has failed to provide education, healthcare, and security to its citizens.

Zinn (240 ) quotes Henry Clay Frick whom he says did not see the way change in administration was going to be affected in one way or another. Grijalva talks about reforms noting that he is disappointed by the Obama administration.   Zinn writes on the suffering experienced by the children from the poor families whom he says are exposed to long hours of work. Congressman Grijalva in the interview urges the government to give children a right start in life better than their parents.   Zinn talks about the American constitution.

A new constitution offered some help Zinn (198). He, however, laments discrimination where he says that the power to vote only belonged to those who paid a poll tax. The congressman, on the other hand, talks about reforms noting that he is disappointed by United States government which he says has failed to embrace reforms.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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