Censorship and Its Progeny by John Frohnmayer – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Censorship and Its Progeny by John Frohnmayer" is a great example of a literature assignment.   The text “ Censorship and its Progeny” by John Frohnmayer explains the aspect of censoring or preventing speech through art. The author of this article suggests that art is a means of speech which has received a lot of censorship and criticisms throughout history. Beginning with the time of renaissance in Italy when art was born until the modern times in the U. S.A. , art has been censored significantly by those who oppose it. This means that speech through art is prevented.

Frohnmayer suggests that the censorship of art was due to the desire to protect others or the opposition of the ideas expressed in the art. However, such a sensor is unnecessary and oppressive because it encourages order rather than freedom. This article provides a lot of examples that demonstrate how art has been censored over time. One of the examples is the censorship of Jazz in the 1920s. Frohnmayer says, “ In 1921, Zion City, Illinois, banned jazz performances along with smoking and other sinful performances” P.18.

Another example was the Alaska Experiment which involved artworks that showed nudes, trampling of the flag, and criticisms of politicians. The flag art was the main part of the show which involved spreading of the flag on the floor and some people stepped on it. Standing on the flag was out of respect for other people’ s feelings. It symbolized stepping on other people; hence it demonstrated the fight against censorship of speech. Everyone should be protected by law.   ReflectionThe censorship of speech was considered by Frohnmayer as a way of limiting people’ s ideas which is usually contained in art; hence prolonging the life of the idea.

I think this work by Frohnmayer is a true reflection of what is happening in speech. The Fourteenth Amendment seeks to protect people’ s speech, but it seems that the censorship of speech is far from over. It has good and bad effects on the parties. The book is therefore important in understanding the aspects of speech censorship. Preventing speech in public places prevents freedom and suppresses ideas which would have resulted in great innovations.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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