Florida Drug Courts by Ray Grind – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Florida Drug Courts by Ray Grind" is an outstanding example of a law book review. The book Florida Drug Courts, by Ray Grind, is a proper analysis of how a project can be employed in a community to combat and prevent drug and substance abuse. This is a project description presented in partial fulfilment of CCJ6000 Criminal Justice Capstone, which is not only applicable to society but also evaluates the remedial effects of drug courts interventions. This book evaluates how popular the drug courts are in Florida, the impacts of therapeutic justice intervention on the lives of those enrolled and the concept of recidivism in enrollees by involving the works of Lilley (2013), Shaffer (2010) and King and Pasquarella (2009). The report by the author is an evaluation of a range of research conducted on drug courts to ascertain the effectiveness of addressing the demand for the drugs by reducing the addition.

The research was conducted on imprisoned offenders who were not violent and aimed to reduce the cost of keeping the drug offenders from the streets so as to promote peace in the societies.

It involved the formation of drug courts which conduct therapeutic justice to those offenders involved in drugs instead of incarceration through administering the short time assessment of risk and treatability, START program (King & Pasquarella, 2009). This program is directed to mental issues that inmates suffer and is founded on applying therapeutic jurisprudence and justice. The program that lasts for 15months involves three phases after which the inmates eventually emerge drug-free and with a capability of being restored to the community. This book provides an undivided attention and is essential through the provision of a framework for change in individuals.

It comes highly recommended especially to various judicial systems that need to conduct corrective measures to most drug offenders.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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