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The paper "Vietnam: A History by Stanley Karnow" is a great example of a history book review. The late nineties both saw prosperity and hardship in many countries. While the United States was experiencing prosperity, Vietnam was experiencing great conflict within its own land. This internal struggle is known as the Vietnam War. Many have written several historical books and novels about it, retelling the story in many perspectives, but one of the most comprehensive narrative accounts is that of Stanley Karnow in his best-selling book, “ Vietnam: A History. ” This book focuses on the exclusive interviews with many of those that were greatly involved in the Vietnam War, from the high government officials to the nurses who took care of the wounded soldiers.

This narrative starts all the way back in the year 1787 when Pierre Pigneaux returned to France to give up his King with the goal of a Christian empire in Asia. It then spans across several years and delves into the time America left Vietnam, and the downfall of South Vietnam, which was supported by the United States.

This book is indeed a highly comprehensive historical novel that gives its readers a full history of the Vietnam War, starting from almost two hundred years before the war actually began. Karnow also focuses in this book on the theme of mourning and expressing negativity about the idea of war itself saying that it was a “ war that nobody won” and this war strived for “ peace that never was. ” It tells the heart-rending stories of thousands during the time. Unlike a lot of other historical books about the Vietnam War, Karnow’ s book is surprisingly a book that is easy to read, one that provides a vivid retelling of one of the greatest wars of the 90’ s.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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