Drug Abuse a Threat to the World – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper “ Drug Abuse a Threat to the World” is a   thoughtful example of a book review on social science. It is an informative book that reveals the causes, effects, and management of drug abuse. My great motivation is to appeal to parents, teachers, lecturers, addicts, CEO’ s in various organizations to be able to create vigilant awareness of drug abuse. Thank you for your time and attention as I look forward to hearing from youYours faithfully, Jean Joyce. Overview Introduction“ Crimes, domestic violence, the spread of diseases, poverty, terror and untold stories, ” where is the source of all this?

Of course, the hidden answer is aligned to drug abuse that is rampant globally. “ Why is then the issue encroaching day in day out despite great criticism? ” “ DRUG ABUSE A THREAT TO THE WORLD, ” is a book based on tracing the roots of persistent and encroaching inhuman acts in a global society. The book contains five chapters, thirty thousand words, bibliography, photograph, and index. The manuscript will be ready in three months. RationaleThe alarming rate at which crimes and inhuman injustices occurring all over the world triggered me to come up with this fascinating book entitled “ DRUG ABUSE A THREAT TO THE WORLD. ” Considering the use of drugs such as; bhang, heroin, cocaine, alcohol just but a few are rampant in every country, pinch me to light up the fire in creating awareness.

Drug abuse has robbed the majority of us ranging from adults to children. Just to mention a few, prominent official leaders have their integrity questioned over drug deals, famous musicians who are actually people’ s role models get imprisoned, lose their life’ s and live miserable life which is ironic to people’ s expectations.

The sports and entertainment sector which is the key social agent is also embracing the same disease; drug abuse. Sportsmen and women use drugs to trigger their energies to compete well. What is the message sent to the viewers and young upcoming stars? “ Use drugs to be a champion. ” Is this what we want our children to emulate? The answer lies within the book. Drug abuse is the cause of family breakups and domestic violence, the spread of HIV/AIDS, poverty, school and career dropouts, madness, sexual abuse, economic underdevelopment, and a series of problems.

The mentioned issues then create a need to raise an alarm; therefore my book contains various chapters whereby in each chapter critical issues are dealt with deeply and in a simplified manner for people to be conversant. I am optimistic that my book readily meets market demands. It will be used to educate those in various institutions such as schools, rehabilitation centers, and healthcare organizations, criminal departments, and even during motivational talks. Anyone who will be lucky to get an opportunity and access to my book will be unchained from the claws of this monster “ DRUG ABUSE” as it entails ways and methods that will motivate drug abusers and addicts to manage the situation and live free from various effects of drug abuse. Marketing sectionThis book will appeal greatly to worldwide organizations and institutes that offer humanitarian aid like World Vision, NACADA, Care International, FBI, and CIA.

It will also appeal to drug addicts, for instance, cocaine, bhang, cigarette smokers, alcoholics and heroin users, and majorly doctors and those counselors in rehabilitation centers.

Another targeted audience is the kindergarten, primary schools, secondary schools and campuses to impose knowledge and create awareness on adverse effects of drug abuse (peter, 2011)


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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