Mountains beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder – Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Mountains beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder" is a wonderful example of a book report on biographies. The Tracy Kidder provides a detailed glimpse of both Paul Farmers and Jim Kims college years. How is each changed by the experience? What similarities and differences can you observe in their experiences? What do their experiences suggest to you about the ways that college may affect you? Mountains Beyond Mountains is a novel by Tracy Kidder in which, he highlights the character development of two characters, especially that is Paul Farmer and Jim Kim.

Paul Farmer and Jim Kim are original characters and the story of the work is based on real happenings. Paul Farmer and Jim Kim both learn with the passage of time. He and his coworker and many others established a group of partners for the support of people, who have to face infectious diseases. From the college level of education, the character of Paul Farmer is shown as going through various establishments with the passage of time. With the start of the journey towards health care in terms of infectious diseases, both Paul Farmer and Jim Kim changed their strategies.

After getting passed from the medical school, they gave importance to health problems in many areas. With the passage of time, they realized that the health of people is much endangered in areas that are not well developed such as Haiti, Peru, and Cuba. They moved from one place to another for the curing of infectious diseases. In the experiences that Paul Farmer and Jim Kim get with the passage of time, they endured hardships and faced mountains beyond mountains.

Similarities in their experiences are the sort of difficulties that they face in their lives towards the cure of infectious diseases. Paul Farmer showed anger towards the deceased persons in the beginning but with his character development, he recognized his position and his responsibility towards the diseased. Both the characters were quite ambitious in their lives when they were at their college. Being doctors, they realized that they had some responsibilities towards other humans, as they were created for the service of humanity. College affects its students to a great extent.

After reading the story Mountains Beyond Mountains, I feel that college life is very fruitful for making a person move towards his/her ambitions of life. College life can change a person drastically as students come to college with some dreams and desires for their future lives. Experiences in college help a person in his/her development as a whole personality.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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