Biography From THE TALE OF KIEU: – Book Report/Review Example

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The tale of Kieu: Kim Trong section According to Honey, P.J. the tale of Kieu is a historic tale that is popular among the Vietnamese people. The tale tests many issues such as personal morality and political obligation and resolves these issues for each new generation. In the past two decades, the tale has drawn much attention among the western readers who are curious about Vietnam and the Vietnamese and this poem gives much wisdom as compared to other articles and journal writings about Vietnam. (xi) The critical thinking course is to understand the modern Vietnam and role of Vietnamese and Americans in most conflicts that have taken place in the 19th century.

This will help in preventing wars in the near future as stipulated by Maxine Hong Kingston. I have organized the paper targeting to assist the Vietnamese students and citizens to fight for the preservation of their culture by tackling the small part of Kim Trong in this tale (Honey, P.J).

In this section of the tale, Kim Trong is a young scholar who introduces himself after a detailed introduction to van and Kieu and young Voug as stipulated by (Cohen, S.135). He is very admirable and will eventually become Kieu’s first love. Kieu and young Voug suddenly saw him coming their way astride a colt, which he rode with slackened rein. Kim was carrying poems in his bag in the company of pageboys and he drew much attention with his gown, which was pale blue sky (140).

Kim spies them from afar and walks towards them to pay them his respects. Young Voug approaches him and greets him as Kieu shows a state of shyness by hiding behind the flowers (145 & 146). According to Cohen, S. (150), Kim and young Voug were classmates but Kim was born from a wealthy and talented family. Kim and Kieu experienced a special kind of feeling their hearts could not understand, their eyes still dared not to say (164).

Kim leaves her in confusion, coils of hope and fear. She wondered in silence why they had met, if she would ever see him again or if they were meant to be (177-183). Kim could not drive her from his haunted mind (246), and all he yearned for was to see her face and win her heart. Kim decides to leave and look for her the same place they met. They meet and Kim desperately woos her by giving her sweet words of love.

Days pass and they both fall in love with their love strengthening daily (280-400). They decide to tie the knot and promise each other eternal love. As stipulated by Thuy Le, a houseboy from Kims home passes the news to Kim that his uncle had died abroad just when they are about to get married. Kim rushes to his lover’s house and breaks the news to her that he would be forced to travel far away (535-540). They are separated and Kieu vows to Kim that they will get married when he returns.

However, old Vuong is arrested on false charges and Kieu sells herself into marriage to save the family. She is sold to scholar Ma and old Voug is freed. Kieu enlists to keep her vow of marrying Kim just before she marries Ma (Thuy Le). Works CitedCohen, Stanley. Vietnam: Anthology and Guide to a Television History. New York: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, limited, 1984. Print. Honey, Patrick James. the tale of Kieu. The University of Michigan: Random house publishers, 1973.

Print. Thuy Le. Xuan. Kim. Van Kieu: volume 1 of officinal de poesia. 2nd edition. University of California: Khai-Tri publishers, 1967. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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