English Epic Poem - Beowulf – Book Report/Review Example

The paper "English Epic Poem - Beowulf" is a perfect example of a literature book review.
Notwithstanding that our world is changing, some things remain unchanged. For example, the way we imagine a real hero remains almost the same. He should be brave, self-assured and kind-hearted. I like to read an old English epic poem about Beowulf because he represents a real hero, whose main mission is to help. He can provide anyone with timely help. When he was a child, his abilities were not considered to be great, but when he became an adult, he decided to realize all his potential. I like the character of Beowulf, he understands that it is only him who can realize this mission and nobody can do that instead of him “This fight is not yours, nor is it up to any man except me to measure his strength against the monster /or to prove his worth” (Beowulf 2532). Possessing an unusual strength, Beowulf still has to prove his abilities all the time. He is proud of himself and his own deeds and does not even try to conceal them. On the contrary, he wants everybody to find out about this deeds and abilities. People recognize the strength of Beowulf because he helps them struggle with Grendel, a monster. Unluckily, the attempts of Beowulf to demonstrate his power led to his death. Beowulf was too proud of himself and many people would call his character irrelevant in the modern world, however, I think that heroes should be self-assured and proud of themselves.