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The Citation (different information may be required depending on source material) s) Mangan, R. J. Publication 1991 Defining Fire And Aviation Safety And Health IssuesJournal/Book TitleIllness, Injuries and Fatalities Among Wildlife Fighters Volume, Issue3Page Numbers7-15The TextOne way to start writing about your research is by answering the questions below: Summarizing & Evaluating What is/are the research question(s) or the main theme(s) of the work? What is/are the author’s main argument(s)? There are a number of themes and research questions that have been put that have been prioritized in this work. The main theme is having zero accidents that are caused by fire out brakes, both at household and organizational levels.

The other themes include the special requirements and needs of work or rest cycles for the wildland firefighters and identifying some of the possible effects and implications of nutrition on work and rest cycles. Another research question is identifying the best action that can be taken so as to improve the health of firefighters, their safety, and their productivity in the wildland fire environment. The research is aimed at coming up with the effects of fitness and of the best work capacity on safety, health, productivity and the time taken to accomplish the work.

Finally, the research has to identify some of the medical standards to be provided for the safety of a firefighter, health and productivity and how to conduct their implementation. The author argues that most of the environments, where the firefighters work, have some geographic conditions that frequently expose them to a lot of risks. The geographical conditions include sloppy landscape, rugged landscape, high daily temperatures, high levels of smoke and dust, and very high elevations from the ground and other sea levels.

The author argues that some of the firefighter workers do not meet the required physical properties of the body that are required by the standard measures for firefighters physique. He argues that these requirements are usually ignored by the recruitment boards, and this leads to increased risks and underperformance by these individuals. He further argues the firefighting jobs; injuries and illnesses need to be given full considerations in terms of the material and non-materials demand that they seek. In other words, the tools used in the whole process, the medication of the injured personnel and their illness should be given a lot of concerns. Is/are the author’s main argument(s) convincing or persuasive?

Why? How so? What are the strengths and/or weaknesses of these implications/conclusions? The authors main arguments are very convincing and persuasive since they portray a lot of humanity in their different ways of approaches in attaining the goal of zero fire accident. By considering the risks and health status of the firefighters, the author has been able to get convincing since without this personnel then the firefighting will be null.

Therefore, it is important that they get the first concerns, motivating them towards their job so that there will be some important improvements in minimization of the fire accidents. The author has not been able to give solutions for some problems facing firefighters, such as rugged and sloppy landscape. Some important solutions have been provided so as to reduce the fire risks, including following the qualifications for one to be hired as a firefighter. If these suggestions by the author are put in place, then there will be some significant improvements in the firefighting sector. ConnectingHow does it help you—howis it useful for your researchquestion? It has been useful for my research question since the work has been able to give elaborate and well-laid procedures that fully meet my research requirements. How does it fit in with the other works you are reading? It has fit in other works that I am reading such as Red Cross and First Aid Management.

I have learned that for the patient to be conducted to, the health of the individual giving first aid some be given the first consideration, so as to deliver quality-heath service. What additional questionsdoes it raise? The additional question it raises is whether the stakeholders concerned, and targeted are going to consider some of this proposals as well as findings for eradicating the fire accidents.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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