Assignment 4 – Book Report/Review Example

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The McDonaldization of Society’ is a highly interesting book, written by George Ritzer, an eminent sociologist and in the of Maryland, United States. The book is highly relevant in the present environment of globalization and competitive business. The book highlights the pros and cons of business strategies in the changing global values. Ritzer has been able to encapsulate the essential parameters of the contemporary society which is increasingly becoming tech savvy and which relishes the lifestyle that is fast paced with diverse ideology. He defines the McDonaldization as the ‘process by which the principles of the fast-food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society as well as of the rest of the world’ (Ritzer, p1). McDonald was the first food chain that has truly become global in its operation and values.

With more than 32,000 outlets across the world, the success of McDonald’s can be contributed to the long term vision and strong belief of the founding members (McDonald). They have made it the best fast food center through customer satisfaction and meeting their changing preferences. The use of technology and uniformity in its products has been the hallmark of its fast food across the world.

The unmatched efficiency in the delivery of its services and the uniform quality of its food has become the unique feature of all its outlets. Thus ‘McDonalidization’ has become popular because irrespective of color, race, culture and nationality, people across the globe are guaranteed to get the same quality fast food from any of its outlets. Ritzer has asserted that McDonalidization of Society accurately reflects the values of McDonald’s fast food chain as the world is fast moving towards a multicultural environment that has shrunk the world into a small global village.

He has reiterated that McDonald has consistently fulfilled the people’s changing requirements vis-à-vis fast food which meets with their fast paced lifestyle by adopting a rationalized approach in its work culture. McDonalidizaion primarily incorporates four factors: efficiency; calculability; predictability; and control through the use of technology and automation (Ritzer, p13). These four aspects of McDonald’s business strategy has become highly successful and has significantly influenced its customers and employees, promoting a new organizational culture that is standard and lacks human emotions and human interaction at personal levels.

Indeed, as the McDonald has expanded globally, considerable part of society across the world has been influenced by this new business culture that is popularly called Mcdonaldization and thrives on universal values that cuts across regional interests and racial prejudices. McDonaldization is not only innovative in its approach but highly pertinent to the society because it does not waste time and resources but ensures optimal performance outcome. ‘In Mcdonaldized system, quantity has become equivalent to quality; a lot of something, or the quick delivery of it, means it must be good’ (Ritzer, p13).

The book, indeed, is a gospel of success in the changing dynamics of the global business environment. It promotes wider perspectives of the changing paradigms of the business environment and helps facilitate better options to address the emerging challenges in the dynamics of new business equations. ReferenceMcDonald’s Values. Available from: [Accessed 10 November, 2009]. Ritzer, George. (2007). The McDonaldization of Society. Sage Publication.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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