Arabian Nights and Days Written By Naguib Mahfouz – Book Report/Review Example

The paper "Arabian Nights and Days Written By Naguib Mahfouz" is an exceptional example of a book review on religion and theology.
How important is religion in the book Arabian Nights and Days?
Religion is the main theme of this novel. According to the story in the novel, the Sultan spares the life of that virgin she deflowers because of her stories which are based on what she had been taught by her teacher Sheikh Abdulla (Mahfouz, 1995). This signifies that with religion at the forefront of a person’s life, then no harm can come to them even from the worst and feared enemy (like the Sultan who used to kill virgins after deflowering them).
The other importance of religion in the book is brought about by the genie story where the genie deceives a religious man from his religious ways into committing rape and murder to an innocent man only to fail to fulfil its promises to the man. The moral of this story according to the author is that if only the man (called Sanaan) had not distanced himself from religious ways and teachings and become greedy, then nothing bad would have happened to him and neither would he have committed the atrocities he did which are contrary to the religious teachings (Mahfouz, 1995).
According to the author Mahfouz, his depictions of Sheikh as an important member of the society despite any form of modernization gives the importance of religion in the book. His insistence about religious deeds always surpassing the evil also explains how important religion is in the society according to the book and hence urging people to always embrace religion first despite the circumstances and temptations as it can save you.