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Question Huang Zunxian is a worldly known majorly in poetry. His work modern parting analyses the effect of modern technology has changed people’ view of the world. People have taken the ancient articles and coated them with modernity. They are no longer willing to be identified with the tradition. One of the major aspects of how the technology is transforming tradition is in the way the traditional objects are being transformed to look like modern and attractive to the eyes. Huang Zunxian gives an example of the traditional Buddha god that have been changed to have an attraction to the people.

The traditional gods were way back used to offer some spiritual power and guidance to the people. Due to the growth of technology, Buddha no longer performs the traditional duties. The sculpture has been turned to a form of celebrity that is sold at the market. The respect and honour that was originally was initially accorded to exist no longer. People can now play around with it as the reference it used to carry has been lost. Traditionally, curving the image of Buddha was the responsibility of a group of people composing of the respected elderly of the society.

The technology have changed this tradition, and the god is being made in the industry without considering the position of the person in the society. People have, therefore, changed the perception of the world due to the influence of technology. Question 4 Miss Sophia is a well-known woman who was so much concerned in developing the role of a woman in the society. Her work majorly covers sex and gender and how the society can use this category of the human being in relationships.

Categorically, there are some roles that she assigns to the role of sex in love. Sex plays a role arousing feelings of the opposite sex when love is concerned. Sophia explains that as a bisexual woman, men are easily aroused by just looking at the physical appearance of women. She says that the mind are well connected to sex, and they easily think of love when they see women. Sex has another role in love. Sex determines the level of romance in a relationship.

Sexual intercourse is used to accomplish and fulfil the sexual desires between a man and a woman in a relationship. In other words, love is defined by the act of sexuality. Without sex, two people cannot claim that they have reached the climax of the relationship. She says that sex should be used as an important tool for leisure activity and reign forcing love in a relationship. Question 5One Evening in a Rainy Season is a story that the narrator Shi gives concerning the narrator’s dream about the city of Shanghai.

The setting of the story was done in shanghai during the time of recession. The narrator’s dream is about a beautiful girl that he saw given that he had another young woman. The narrator’s mind was in conflict over the beautiful girl he saw and the woman considered to be his wife. The state of conflict is likened to the Freud’s theory of conflict (Shi). The conflict is between the conscious and unconscious mind, but he finally overcomes the unconsciousness and returns to the young woman. The text can be seen as a modern text given the in consideration of the social style used.

The Freud’s theory is mainly used in the modern day to express the difference that exists between the conscious and the unconscious mind. In everyday activities, social groups are always in a twist to choose between two situations, most likely a good and the evil. Evil is always considered to be attractive. When a person returns into his or her conscious mind, he or she will always choose the good deeds. Work CitedShi, Zhicun.

One Evening in the Rainy Season. 2008.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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