The Room by Tobias Wolff – Book Report/Review Example

The paper "The Room by Tobias Wolff" is a delightful example of a book review on English.
In the narration, the creates a symbolism from the of the novel, ′The Room′. Prior to the creation of the object of symbolism, the narrator explains his experience working in a farm (Wolff 271). The farm had bad working conditions and it employed young three young men. The narrator defines the environment as one containing an unsettling smell (Wolff 273). A young man, Miguel, was the most affected of all workers as he was aggravated by the environment. On one night, Miguel and other three employees were heavily drinking and talking in different languages. During the interaction, Miguel places a gun on the table and then directed the nozzle towards another man. That moment became a reality to all people in the room. The room became a source of reality for all people in the room. The moment became a defining moment for the creation of the symbol of the room.
The author is of the assumption that when a person is exposed to a moment reality they become exposed to the real world (Wolff 274). In the room, the characters are exposed to a reality that can be solved by the events in their environment. The symbol is created with the assumption that all the events created in the room define the fate of all characters in the novel. In addition, the main theme and plot are created in the room, and the setting of the entire narration is based on the events in the room.