Aladin Z – Book Report/Review Example

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Literature Literature The Story of Aladdin, or the Magic Lamp The Story of Aladdin, or the Magic Lamp is a well written narration ofthe life of troublesome Aladdin who could not comply with his parents’ demands of growing up as a responsible boy. To him, he did not bother about the poor state of his family background. Instead, he took life so lightly and thought that life was all about wandering and playing. Even after being lured by his father Mustafa to join him in the tailoring business, he defiantly ruled it out.

Surprisingly, this continued even after the death of his father who had been doing his best to shape his future. As the story unfolds, the readers learn that Mustafa’s family was a small united one. Although not aware of his brother’s death, the African Magician later shows up as Mustafa’s brother to mourn his death, console his family and convince the defiant Aladdin to venture into the lucrative garment business. By offering to help Aladdin to engage in business, the African Magician was demonstrating the passionate brotherly love he had for his late brother.

Had it not been so, he would not have bothered helping his family to gain economic empowerment. On the other hand, the skeptical Aladdin’s mother reciprocates by welcoming the stranger in the home and accepting him as part of their family. This is a clear indication of the egalitarian kinship system which was greatly embraced by the people in this society. Indeed, this story directly relate to Said the Stranger, a story narrated to me during my childhood. In my community, children are always told stories by their elders, parents and grand parents.

As it was before, Said the Stranger still remains the most popular story. Unlike others, it has lots of moral lessons that if adopted, can greatly transform human conducts. In this story, an unknown Said visited Kino- a small village in the outskirts of Doha. As a Muslim community, people in this village welcomed him. After being found roaming around late in the night, Said was taken by Ali to his home. As an emaciated and unhealthy man, many people did not want to associate with him.

However, it was Ali who took the initiative to feed him and provide him with all the necessary support he required. After his recovery, Said helped Ali to develop his business. As a mysterious figure, he used his knowledge to bless Ali’s business to prosper than ever. After realizing this, many other people who had been running away from Said and accusing of untidiness and bad luck, began looking for him. Later, through his support, everyone who had welcomed him in the village became richer.

This was a clear indication that it is important to welcome strangers. Had Said been chased away from Kino, no one would have developed as they did. Therefore, just like in Mustafa’s family, the welcoming of the African Magician positively transformed Aladdin’s life. For a very long time now, this story has been used to preach the virtue of love and care in my community.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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