138 Outstanding History Research Paper Topics and Free Help

January 30, 2019
138 Outstanding History Research Paper Topics and Free Help

Reliable History Research Paper Topics Help from Expert Writers

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List of the best 138+ Popular History Research Topics For Free:

  1. “Avengers” from Marvel from the scientific point of view
  2. 10 ways to start protecting the environment
  3. A correlation between breastfeeding & improved baby’s health
  4. A historical event of your interest depicted in different stories
  5. Alchemy as described in some literary pieces
  6. American foreign policy from the beginning of 21st century
  7. American Revolution and building of American society
  8. Apartheid in South Africa.
  9. Aztec Empire and its architecture
  10. Battle of Hastings and its role in the history of England
  11. Books on Joan of Arc: Her image in them
  12. British colonialism in India
  13. Business struggles & triumphs in certain market area
  14. Can you share a new aspect of prose based on independent research?
  15. Central Asian art: Its influence on contemporary art
  16. Cold war and its consequences for the world
  17. College battles in the particular region
  18. College tuition planning
  19. Comparative criminal procedure: report & analysis with details
  20. Different monetary systems’ influences in the development of humanity
  21. Different types of stem cells and their usage
  22. Discuss and evaluate the allegory of 2 random novels
  23. Domestic political scandals
  24. Duma’s “Three Musketeers” are not historically accurate in many senses
  25. ECOLEX: A gateway to environmental law
  26. Efficient options to achieve academic goals
  27. Election laws of the United States
  28. Explain how a particular literary genre emerged and developed
  29. Explore the reasons why some authors use similes/metaphors
  30. Factors that initiated WWII
  31. Gandhi’s role in the establishment of more peace in the world.
  32. Gay, bisexual, and transgender - differences & similarities
  33. Healthcare privilege of youth in the United States
  34. How did religions influence the global map throughout the history?
  35. How did the code talkers survive and won the war?
  36. How Genghis Khan conquered Persia
  37. How student’s ancestors arrived at where they are currently living
  38. Industrial revolution in your country and worldwide
  39. Inter-American Human Rights Library: Exciting outtakes & full report
  40. International Criminal Law Court Tools: Evaluate their effectiveness
  41. Is liberalism the most optimal solution?
  42. Islamic law: The way people around the globe perceive it
  43. Japanese economic wonder: can it be repeated?
  44. Juvenile crime: contemporary methods of punishment & their effectiveness
  45. Life of a common peasant in medieval Europe.
  46. Martin Luther King’s protest against the Catholic Church
  47. Mass communications law
  48. Medical services to save babies born before 27 weeks
  49. Monasteries and education during the Middle Ages
  50. Mountaintop removal mining
  51. Never-ending society evolution
  52. President Obama and politics
  53. Princess Diana & her dynasty
  54. Progress in the sphere of women’s rights over the last century.
  55. Proof that screening for breast cancer is helpful
  56. Pros & cons of hunting the wild deer in the specific area
  57. Reasons for the fall of huge empires like the Roman Empire.
  58. Reasons why flu virus is different from year to year
  59. Several reasons why eating disorders can lead to the patient's death
  60. Sexual revolution: causes and consequences
  61. Similarities and differences
  62. Sleep disorders’ impact on the overall health condition
  63. Stem cells to assist in reducing death rates in heart attack cases
  64. Steps that could have been taken to prevent World War II.
  65. Stop smoking to improve mental health
  66. Text messaging & teen literacy
  67. The act of Green Revolution in the history of mankind
  68. The amazing development of China and Japan in recent centuries.
  69. The Caribbean in the golden age of pirates.
  70. The cause-and-effect connection between World War I and World War II.
  71. The changes in the economics of Europe after World War I
  72. The colonization of America
  73. The correlation between Greek culture & Roman culture
  74. The correlation between history & culture on the example of Japan
  75. The creation and failure of the Weimar Republic
  76. The culture of the Roman Empire in comparison to ancient Greece
  77. The development of social stratification in Western society.
  78. The development of the People’s Republic of China
  79. The down of literature in the current society
  80. The establishment of the principles of democracy in France
  81. The factors contributing to the greatness of the ancient Romans.
  82. The healthiest diet does not exist
  83. The history of propaganda from the ancient times to modern days
  84. The Holy Roman Empire
  85. The ideas of Communism and their influence to the world
  86. The imagery within novel: The basic uses
  87. The impact of Martin Luther King’s speech
  88. The impact of mass media in the US war attempts in Vietnam
  89. The importance of sport games in ancient times
  90. The influence of abolition on the development of the USA.
  91. The influence of pandemic diseases on the development of the world.
  92. The influence of the invention of nuclear weapons on the development of military power in the world.
  93. The meaning of the Battle of the Seas for Britain and Spain.
  94. The methods ancient sailors navigated the globe
  95. The might and specific features of the Mongol Empire.
  96. The mission of WIPO: World Intellectual Property Organization
  97. The most effective military strategy of all times
  98. The most important and fatal events in the history of the Ottoman Empire.
  99. The most prominent queens of ancient Egypt
  100. The most violent chapters of Jamaican history.
  101. The mutual influence and development of ancient cultures in Greece, Egypt, and Rome.
  102. The origins of EBM
  103. The phenomenon of hippie culture: did it have a huge impact?
  104. The political power of Pope in the Middle Ages
  105. The positive and negative effects of the French Revolution.
  106. The process of abolition of slavery and its meaning for the world
  107. The reasons for the collapse of the British Empire.
  108. The rise of independent African countries
  109. The role of ancient conquests in the formation of the modern world map.
  110. The role of European diseases in the colonization of South America.
  111. The role of gambling/online gaming in the life of a student
  112. The role of the alliance against Nazi Germany in the outcome of World War II.
  113. The role of the Catholic Church in social life in medieval Europe.
  114. The significance of the Cold War in world history.
  115. The song that made people better
  116. The trading routes of the Renaissance period
  117. The Trail of Tears: What does it mean to the history of the US?
  118. The US Copyright Office: Does it really help the local writers to defend their business?
  119. The Vietnam War, its causes, consequences, and scars it left
  120. The way Harry Potter reflects the ideal of the time
  121. The way menstruation affects young girls
  122. The way student contributes to his/her community
  123. Things to learn from world wars.
  124. Upcoming political regulations and their possible result and impact on society
  125. Walmart influence in the development of the US economies
  126. What a European Patent Office does?
  127. What are some of the consequences of the women’s suffrage movements?
  128. What are the differences between a horror story and a thriller?
  129. What made ancient Sparta so different from other cities?
  130. What was life like during the Bronze Age?
  131. Which discoveries made in the Bronze Age were most crucial for the humanity?
  132. Which factors help to identify the genre of the certain novel?
  133. Which world leaders did the most for world peace?
  134. Who is the greatest general that has lived on this planet?
  135. Why is it important to learn GATT documents?
  136. Will humans face WWIII in the closest few years?
  137. Women’s authority in different parts of the planet
  138. Women’s suffrage movement in prose

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Need interesting historical topics for your next essay assignment? Get the best topics from seasoned expert writers that will make your essay unique and stand out. Get yourself some good topics that will be easy to write about. When writing an essay, you need to make sure you choose a topic that has plenty of information to help you craft the paper in a good and efficient way. This is where most students fail when it comes to choosing a topic that will help in getting them good marks.

A good topic is quite essential in determining how your essay will be like. If you choose a topic that will make you get out of the established scope when writing your piece, then that’s a recipe for disaster. There are many interesting world history topics such as the Roman Empire, the Cold War, colonization of America, the world industrial revolution, the cause and consequences of the Vietnam War, and many others. These are great topics one can write about and provide real facts for from the vast amount of information you can get out there.

Good history research topics are determined by the reliable information one can get about them and also real facts that can be proven by the writer. This is one of the reasons why adequate research is required when writing your essay; so as not to provide information that is not relevant to the topic.

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