Written Assignment 1 – Assignment Example

Lecturer 3. "Devil Got My Woman" by Skip James and "Rock Awhile" by Goree Carter “Devil Got My Woman” illustrated an album produced by Skip James, and American blues artist. Skip James released the album in 1968 (Scott 34). “Rock Awhile” illustrates the 1949 single of Goree Carter, an R and b singer in America. “Rock Awhile” is considered one of the significant contenders; this is for the title "first rock and roll record" (Robert 19).
The two songs boast of similar musical elements. The mixing uses appropriate technology in both songs. “Devil got My Woman” significantly influenced the folk music movement; due to the appropriate and superior mixing techniques (Scot 31). “Rock Awhile” utilized the electric guitar overdriven mixing technique. This ensured musical success, and hence a strong contender for "first rock and roll record" (Robert 21). The two songs also reflect the lyrics. The lyrics of “Devil Got My Woman” are humorous and repetitive. For example; the illustrations of how he took the woman that he loved form his best friend. The lyrics of “Rock Awhile” are strong and intense. This illustrates the over-driven musical technique.
The instrumentation of the two songs is different and unique. “Devil Got My woman” features vocals, piano and guitar. “Rock Awhile” features saxophones, base, drums, guitar, piano and trumpet. The feel of the two songs also differ. “Devil Got My Woman” illustrates the feel of the folk music movement, which was flourishing then. Skip James sung the song, and other country blues, with enhanced intensity. “Rock Awhile” illustrated over-driven electric guitar approach, with a rougher edge.
“Devil Got My Woman” was the last record of Skip James. He died in 1969 (Scott 12). “Rock Awhile” was not financially successful, when compared to later rock and roll music records. The five last live performance of Goree Carter was in 1970. He died in 1990 in Houston (Robert 15).
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