Written Assignment 1 – Assignment Example

Lecturer Walkin Blues" by Son House and "Blue Moon of Kentucky" by Elvis Presley “Wakin’ Blues” entails a blue standard song done by Son House; however, the song was made popular in 1936 by Robert Johnson. Its popularity increased in 1961, after the reissue in LP King of the Delta Blues Singer (Cult 24). “Blue Moon of Kentucky” entails Waltz written by Bill Monroe (bluegrass musician) in 1946; the song was also recorded in his The Blue Grass Boys band. Several artists, like Elvis Presley, have recorded the song (Ken 20).
The two songs have the melody musical instrument. This is because it is easy to sing the two songs. The melody instrument in “Walkin’ Blues” created a lot of enthusiasm among the white group of Jazz music collectors and critics. Melody instrument in “Blue Moon of Kentucky” favored its use as Kentucky’s official blue grass song. The harmony instruments of the two songs ensure they sound unique. “Walking Blues” possess an increased momentum that is not illustrated in House’s original. “Blue Moon of Kentucky” illustrates enhancement of slow waltz (3/4 time) to the blues flavored tune (4/4 time).
The two songs also possess differing musical elements. The forms are different. “Walkin’ Blues” has repeated first line, and the remaining verses have the “waking up in the morning” theme. “Blue moon of Kentucky” is a blue flavored tune with 4/4 time. The historical context illustrated in the songs is also different. “Walkin’ Blues” illustrates the lessons that Johnson received from Son House. It utilizes the first title and verse from House’s popular verses. “Blue Moon of Kentucky” was consistently rated higher in billboards, because it was the Presley’s pop version of the Monroe’s song.
“Walkin’ Blues” was successful among the small white jazz group; for instance, John Hummond selected the song as part of the 1938 concert “From Spirituals to Swing” (Calt 24). “Blue Moon of Kentucky” was utilized in a 2005 scene, in the Elvis TV miniseries (Ken 21).
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