Mid-Course Corrections – Assignment Example

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The paper "Mid-Course Corrections" is a wonderful example of an assignment on education. Now that mid-terms are over, write about the final outcome you anticipate for this term and whether you are pleased with the prospect, and what you would like to have done, or needed to do, differently. I am very pleased with the outcome of the mid-terms. I believe that I have done an excellent job in most of my subjects. I have been reviewing my Biochemistry, Anatomy, and Abnormal Psychology every day and the midterm results show that my daily review sessions paid off.

My theory on the success of this method of studying is supported by the fact that for the subject which I didn’ t get to review as often, Genetics, I only received a fairly high grade. Through this study routine, I expect that by the end of the term, I would receive an excellent grade each of my courses. I plan on reviewing for Genetics during the days I have a class scheduled for that course. I also plan to make outlines of the lessons while reviewing and, maybe, do some extra research on the course topics discussed in class.

As for the other courses which I have excelled in, I believe I should continue my current strategy of reviewing them daily. I can’ t go wrong with a good routine and a positive attitude! What specific mid-course corrections are you planning? Although I seem to be doing well in most of my subjects, I think there’ s still room for some improvement, even just small ones. I plan to improve on at least three things. First, for Biochemistry, I should remember to review the concepts and theories more carefully so that I won’ t mix them up.

I should remember which properties belong to which topic so that I won’ t get confused when choices in the exams seem to be very similar. Second, for my Abnormal Psychology class, I found myself struggling, just a little bit, with the clinical cases. I should focus a little more on those clinical cases the next time I review so that, maybe, I wouldn’ t have to struggle with any part of the exam at all.

Lastly, for Genetics, I should read the questions more carefully and spend more time thinking about them. In the previous exams, I found that my mistakes were mostly caused by going through the exam too quickly, thinking that the questions were easy. I think these little adjustments can make quite a difference.   Write about assistance, resources, or information that you have not gotten that would have helped you reach your potential. Which of these are things you should have sought yourself but didn’ t? My classmates have mentioned that they use D. E.S.

or S. I. and that these have helped them a lot with their studies. The learning support systems provide them with actual tutorials and practice questions which they can use to check what they already know and what areas they have to review again. I’ m thinking of trying them as well. They might be able to help me prepare for exams.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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