Mossad Weight in Sanctioning Iran over Private Meetings Concerning Nuclear Talks – Assignment Example

The paper "Mossad Weight in Sanctioning Iran over Private Meetings Concerning Nuclear Talks" is an outstanding example of an assignment on politics.
The chief intelligence officer of MOSSAD was warned and cautioned against jeopardizing the claims that he would “throw a grenade” into the prospective ongoing talks about nuclear programs.
Development: The prime minister of Israel Netanyahu visited the United States of America and sparked a row by claiming that Israel would pursue a different approach regarding Iran planned nuclear program and efforts. The head of MOSSAD and chief intelligence officer then differed publicly with the leader of the nation terming the move to renew the stance of Iran berserk. He then went ahead and met the U.S Secretary of State and other senators privately and against the advice of the Prime Minister office. Later on, the office of Prime Minister Netanyahu did acknowledge and accept that the chief of MOSSAD did make that comment of throwing in a grenade in there during the talks but not in the literal sense and aspect. Obama has been categorical that it would be counterproductive to punish Iran any more with sanctions and instead give the talks a chance.
Analysis: In the recent past, there have been talks and claims of sanctioning Iran to drop its nuclear plans and efforts. The World as a whole has tied to invoke sanctions and pressures to it to stop the nuclear plans, yet little has been achieved (Ghorbani, et al 299). Israel has intuited that it would instigate more sanction to force Iran to give in while the USA is categorical for the world to allow for dialogue. It would be fair to allow dialogue since the sanctions have since borne fewer results and fruits.