Dimensions of Service Quality – Assignment Example

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The paper "Dimensions of Service Quality" is a great example of a marketing assignment. The business under discussion is a dental clinic located within the city centre. Various dental services are offered by the present dentists and the clinic attracts clients from a wide region even people who reside outside the city. This makes the clinic to be one of the busiest clinics within the city.
Dimensions of quality
• Tangibles – there is always a dentist available at any time to provide the services which clients of the business seek. The environment within the clinic is clean and the other employees within the organisation also observe a high level of hygiene when providing services to clients.
• Reliability – a record of all the clients visiting the clinic has been kept since the business began operations. Appointments are also made and follow-up check-up s arranged by the personnel on clients
• Responsiveness – the business is committed to ensuring each client is attended within 30 minutes and the services are provided in accordance with the customer requirements.• Assurance – the clinic is run by two professional and well qualified dentists. They are assisted by two clinical officers who are friendly to the clients when providing support services.
• Empathy – the business has a wide range of clients and all of them are treated with respect and are highly valued. There is, however, no suggestion box within the clinic where customers can make comments and compliments.
This business can be defined as having passed the quality assurance test. This is because the various elements which define customer satisfaction have been met. Except for the lack of a suggestion box, the other factors which might affect the quality of services have been implemented in seeking to ensure customer satisfaction.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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