Biodiversity and the Ecological Systems – Assignment Example

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The paper "Biodiversity and the Ecological Systems" is an exceptional example of an assignment on environmental studies. The biodiversity and the ecological systems have a greater impact that gives direct contribution in that it provides, regulates and even provide the cultural services to the ecosystem. They also offer gifts that are indirect through supporting the ecosystem through its services, and the services involve real security, the essential services in human life e. g. social relations or even the respectable fitness. “ … biodiversity and the environmental schemes are very vital in the well-being of the individual’ s life as it plays a very crucial action of helping reduce the impacts of the climate changes experienced and improved the welfare of the society… ” (Kumar 24).

Indiana as an industrial country, it emits more than excess gaseous, and this will in the long term lead to the loss of biodiversity due to too much exotic gaseous in the air. This will make the very drastic changes within the ecosystem as many of the species will disappear as a result of the existing climatic changes. And through the diagram, we can be able to identify the compelling consequences of different activities that take place within the environments of Indiana. It is in this view that we consider biodiversity and the ecological system to be much more than essential since through the existence of many trees within Indiana.

They can help in the absorption of the toxic gaseous, and this will reduce their impacts on the climatic changes. “ … .the ecosystem transformation and the natural resources within the ecosystem and biodiversity are the major gains that help in the human being and the economic development of many republics. .” (Duraiappah 122).

This is obvious in Indiana since the bio-network itself is highly preciouses by many people through the services that they get from the Biosystems either directly or indirectly.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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