Definition of Culture – Assignment Example

The paper "Definition of Culture" is a wonderful example of a culture assignment. Culture can be considered as a concept that is related to human activities, traditions and social knowledge in different areas. It can be considered to have the norms as the main input and influence while the behaviors of the members of the group as the observable outputs and attributes of culture (Kroeber et al. 2). For that matter, it can be considered that culture evolves like any other social processes in human existence (p. 89). One of the evident examples of a distinct cultural period in history is the 1950s American post-war culture. Aside from the fact that the country is occupied in rebuilding society and the different institutions, there are different concepts that were either invented or established. Included in the concepts, wherein culture in the said period can be considered recognizable, are related to feminism, roles of nuns in the society and the reshaping of the popular culture. The changes in the culture can be related to the effects of war in American society in the 1950s. Revolutionary spirit and way of thinking had been rekindled. For that matter, feminism had been activated with different activities that include women. Religious practices had also been reaffirmed on the basis of the extreme experiences at war. The sexual revolution had been given another life due to the new found strength in the members of the society after the experience during the war (Sullivan 22). In general, during the post-war period, a massive change in the different aspects of culture had occurred, which can be considered progressive and a recognizable force of influence on the life of people socially, politically, spiritually and behaviorally.