Wild Swans at Coole – Assignment Example

The paper "Wild Swans at Coole" is a perfect example of an assignment on literature. The poet, William Butler Yeats was unlike any other poet. His prowess in writing poems was only appreciated when he was almost fifty years old. Most poets usually start young and gain popularity until mid-life. However, Yeats became popular in composing poetry when he was quite old. In addition to this, Yeats expressed his personal feelings in this poetry which dealt with sadness for the time that has passed away as one becomes old. In addition to this, this poem reflects his sorrow on the loss of many things in his life. The Wild Swans at Cole was written during the time that he visited the lake at Augusta Gregory's Coole Park residence nineteen years after. In the poem, he mentioned “ All changed, changed utterly" which meant that he recollected the past and compared the feeling he had the first time he saw the place. The Autumn setting conveyed as symbolic meaning since autumn in a person’s life connotes old age. At the same time, Autumn is the season when one can see the still and silent October night. The sky is clear and the lake mirrors the reflection of the beautiful swans. This kind of imagery provokes sadness and memories from the past. The swans in the poem fly by pairs which connotes that they are lovers and that they have the passion in life in which Yeats does not have anymore. Contrastingly, he had become weary from all the journeys in his life. Yeat’s sense of loss is conveyed by the line “And now my heart is sore” and “Alls changed since”. Things have changed since the First World War broke within those years that Yeats was not able to visit the lake. Like any individual who experienced war in their lifetime, Yeats felt the loss for people and places that existed before they were ravaged by the war. After nineteen autumns, Yeats have witnessed again the same splendor shown by the swans in the lake; however, it was Yeats perspectives of things that changed.